Saturday, February 28, 2009

tea for joy

Take a moment on this day, and relish in a royal cup of tea for joy.

Use loose tea-blossoms and delight in the aroma of the leaves.
Think about the history of tea and how it has inspired many a tea party.
Some historic, some royal  - yet all bring us a little joy.

A perfect beginning to my day begins with Joy.
Wish Joyce a Happy Birthday over here.  
She has been having herself a royal celebration all week long in her own unique style, spreading her wings and lighting us all with special gifts from the heart.


Formerly known as Frau said...

pve that is a beautiful picture for Joyce. You are so talanted ! Have a great weekend and happy birthday Joyce!

pve design said...

danke! Did you see that is Joyce's dog Kelly serving tea for joy! Have a hot cup of tea today and a lovely weekend.

Joyce said...


Oh my goodness, I'm speechless! You have touch my heart beyond any words that can express my gratitude.

You have me crying like a wee little girl. Of course happy tears. You captured Kelly to the T and all that gives me joy!! Our little Kelly girl, as I like to call her my "babygirl", butterflies for my butterfly angel and tea for the love of my life(I enjoy a cup of tea, but my little Leprechaun LOVES tea) and you know a birthday is not a birthday without a cake yummm...!

Thank you for starting off my day and everyday with the beauty of your art, it truly brings me joy!

Many hugs... my dear friend!

pve design said...

I shall be popping your Kelly girl in the mail to remind you to have tea parties and treats daily.
Perhaps a butterfly tattoo would be fun - a wee one.
Enjoy a perfect-beginning to a perfectly lovely year.

Michelle said...

I think that is one of the cutest paintings...I imagine a child's book written around that one image. You are so talented Patricia- I wouldn't dare try to paint an animal or person. You capture the escence beautifully.

I also love Joyce's header...I'm off to take a look at her blog now.

Have a nice weekend!

Debra said...

PVE~ What a wonderful birthday gift for our Joy. This is a woman that knows how to celebrate. Your illustration of Kelly is adorable and I know Joyce will hold it dear.
Happy weekend to you~

pve design said...

need your address to pop bailey in the mail.

also, pondering a book that would have appeal not only for children but for the one's that never want to grow up. think that there are an awful lot of us adults who are lucky to play.

love your illustrations too.

Kwana said...

So lovely! Happy birthday Joyce.

Lynne said...

Thanks for the mention! And what a cute little illustration - and Happy Birthday Joyce!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Tea for Joy is like the cutest EVAH! I'd love to sit for tea with Joy, in fact, to celebrate her big day. :-)

Ivy Lane said...

I love the banner you did for Joy! and I hope she is loving her "Joyapalooza" week! AND.. I saw your comment on EDDIE ROSS today..was refreshing to see someone owns a Bible in their book collection! Takes things up a notch in my book!

Have a GREAT weekend!

annechovie said...

What a darling illustration! Happy Birthday to Joyce!

pve design said...

You will be happy to know that I had a soothing cup or "Royal Garden" tea for joy today from tea-blossoms today.

Welcome back! Hope it was the best trip EVAH!

After all it has sold the most copies, that and "Le petit Prince." Both stand for Prince of peace.
A little peace to you this day-

look who is talkin, you and all your darling art.
This is our year to meet and share paint - J'espere!

Rachel said...

What a sweet illustration for Lynne! I didn't know she had a thing for terriers - I love those little faces.

And a big happy birthday to Joyce!