Wednesday, June 30, 2010

number cruncher

I am married to a number cruncher. When the time comes to check my accounts, he can be ruthless, right down to the penny. As an artist, I think that it is downright wild how some can get all the math skills. Somehow having this bag, seems to alleviate any stress that I might anticipate prior to his number crunching rath.

I found her needlepoint Countess here, and she comes in a black combo too.
(The logical part of the equation is that it is on sale but the black combo is ten dollars more)
Which one do you like? The green combo or the black?
Bamboo handles on both.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

baggage claim

The bag on the left will soon be mine to claim. This lovely lady hosted a give-away from here.
I am dreaming of the places I want to go carrying this sweet bag.
All of the sudden, I am thinking of all the fun things I think I need to put inside my new bag! I will truly feel the magic when I carry it. What was the last thing you won?

shore thing

I love the shore.
(Painting by pve)
"calm" colors, benjamin moore colors
I had painted swatches for my client
I just completed a color palette for a client's new home. They are moving from a two bedroom condo to a major first home! The task of selecting colors for a home can be completely overwhelming, so when my client asked for my services, I was thrilled to help assist in the color selection.
I have a rule, people either "go bold or go beige." It is no secret that I love color, but I am sensitive to those who seek quiet calm colors. Colors like the shore can evoke a sense of calm.
Having a calm space to come home to can provide a soothing welcome ~so our key words, were "neutral, calm, zen-like, sophisticated, clean."
The two story entry foyer is painted a rich neutral, similar to this color, the color I chose is called pizmo dunes. The upstairs hallway is a tad deeper, driftwood. Accessories can be the accent, a bright colorful sofa, a painted chest all add a sense of humor and whimsy to making a house a home.
Getting to know my client and finding the right colors that would reflect and represent their taste was such an incredible experience for me.

I learned quickly that by providing clear images from the beginning provided a visual so we could find a pleasing palette to work from. Each day, I run by the home and see the colors go up one by one.

The above painting was a gift from me to my client, I used all the colors that were chosen to paint this "shore scene" on canvas.
Colors are Benjamin Moore,
Pismo Dunes, Driftwood, Barely Beige, Lancaster Whitewash, Palladium Blue, Metropolitan, Cotswald, Camouflage, Yorkshire Tan, Vapor Mist, Night Train, Coastal Dunes, Saybrook Sage.

Monday, June 28, 2010

growth chart

A client came to me seeking a hand-painted growth chart for his children. One request that he had was that it be a vine inspired by Jack and the beanstock fable and soar to 6 feet in height.
I had my carpenter cut a sturdy panel of birch wood and I primed and painted directly on the board after I had gathered images and a final drawing to work from.
There are always crows around beanstalks, right.
I had a lot of fun painting these twisitng parts of the vine to give the impression that it was spiraling upwards. Funny children have a way of doing that too, they grow like weeds over the summer. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!
Babies come into the world, grounded, napping, crawling and then climbing to new heights.
Along the outside edge, the initials of each child will be recorded and this work of art shall serve as a reminder of just how quickly children grow. Do you have a growth chart or do you have a record on the wall like me?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Sunday

One morning as I left the studio where I had been working on a painting, I captured this image.
The amount of lush green, the water covered with petals, and the light streaming in made me smile for Summer.
I want to paint this image in all it's glory. Things like this make me full of love for nature and for Summer Sundays to have a moment to reflect, give thanks and realize the beauty around me. Enjoy your Summer Sunday.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

arm candy

Summer is a time to read, to escape, to kick back, relax and to find humor and sweetness in life.
What is on your arm now and what are you reading this summer?

Friday, June 25, 2010

she sells sea shells

J.McLaughlin's newest shop located in Sea Island, Georgia
pve design illustration
As a child, I have fond memories of a few trips to the beaches of the Carolina's and shopping little shops with my Mother and Aunt. Do you remember those little shops full of crafty shells, ladies in shell dresses. I would love a little shop to sell artful creations and souvenirs here.
I would have clean crisp paintings and always something fun on display.
Welcome to my "virtual" sea side cottage with my studio on the left, lots of natural light and natural beauty all around me.
Notice, I love clean lines.

Although I have never been to Sea Island, I would love to have a spot like this with this entrance.
This would be my art studio, lots of white, lots of light and a chandelier. I could easily transform the space for dinner parties. Nothing like a fire with the doors open for fresh cool air.
I could prepare dinners here in this lovely kitchen.
What sort of spot would you own and what would you sell in your Island shop?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

tuck me in

I loved when my mother used to tuck me in at night. Even when I returned home from college, my Mom would still love to tuck me in. I have fond memories of pretty quilts in lovely cottons like these from here.
Even in Summer, I love a lightweight quilt in colorful charming cotton prints. Would you like to be tucked in to bed or crib, with a sweet printed quilt?

web to web

Good Manners are universal skills.
Good posture, standing tall, smiling, making eye-contact, listening,
and a proper hand-shake will surely give an ever-lasting first impression.
Our visitor shared so many good tips yesterday at our Ardsley Middle School.
"Web-to-web" was a tip for the proper hand-shake!
I thought about this all day, and then as I said good night to my daughter, she had to tell me,
"Web to web" is the proper hand-shake.
I rather like that term, so from my web to your web from this world wide web, I wish you a good day, full of good manners.
Stand tall, respect yourself and those around you, smile, shake hands, listen and know that social customs are alive and well from "web to web."

What good manners or social customs are you most proud of?

vintage books found here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

gracious living

Today, I welcome this wonderful gal who is all about "gracious living." Mindy Lockard (etiquette consultant) has flown all the way from Oregon to share with our Ardsley Middle School students some fantastic tips, all about respect, handshakes, eye-contact and good manners.

Mindy and her graceful girls
This lovely purple Hydrangea is all about gracious living. Please contact Mindy if you are interested in her services for yourself, your school or organization. Thanks to the blog world, Mindy and I met only a few weeks ago and planned to bring this event here. Thank-you Mindy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


image by Picasso
Whenever I teach a student art lessons, I always include this painting in one of my lessons. I ask them what they see? Can you tell me what do you see? What lessons are you learning or planning to learn?

Monday, June 21, 2010

mellow monday

Loving this mellow yellow rebecca minkoff nikki bag for summer. Looks like a perfect bag for toting work-a-day stuff, or a towel and a suit to get through the week swimmingly. Mellow Monday to each of you.

soccer fever

My son has a new pair of soccer cleats to go along with his soccer fever. I love the color along with the design. At various times of the day, now that school is out, I witness him with his new shoes and his soccer ball in the back yard just kicking it around, running and enjoying himself.
So, do you have soccer fever with all this "World Cup" soccer on the television?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day for Dads

Hope all you Dads out there have a super day enjoying life and being treated to a special time.
Found these retro Dads here.
Anything special planned today for the Dads in your life?

Friday, June 18, 2010

ya think

I think these yellow doors would immediately tell my visitors to think happy.
A pop of sunny yellow seems so chic and stylish too.

There is something so fresh and happy about a coat of yellow.
Ya think a bright door would add a happy smile to your day?

images - top, abby sharp via punch of color
yellow door (decor addict)

spouting off

Please forgive me for spouting off, I am rather proud of the way my teapots are getting along.
The round tea pot was a wedding gift, and I have enjoyed using it nearly every day for twenty plus years.
The smaller, more elongated tea pot is a fairly new addition, an original from Eva Zeisel. I love it for making my own jasmine tea. I found it at a local shop nearby and had to have it. I gave it to myself for my very own birthday. I used money from my Mom who always tells me -"Now do not use that for the children, you buy yourself something special."
Special spout, not so short and stout but still a lovely spout for pouring myself a cup of tea. I have a pretty flowery tea pot too, but that is for another post and for when I am feeling the need for a High tea with all the accoutrements.

Thanks for letting me spout off about my own little spouts. Speaking of spouting off, what sorts of tea pots do you possess or pine for?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

red hot

I want a car with a colorful interior. I am tired of silver cars and neutral interiors. I want a happy cheery red inside with a pretty pale blue car or glamorous white. My brother restores cars and this is one he has been giving some tlc. What color interior would you like?

good sports

How fun to have a family memory of attending one of the Olympic events, all dressed in red, white and blue. This illustration was done as part of a series of memories. Good sports deserve to have good memories. Do you have any special sports memories? Have you ever attended an Olympic event or a major World series?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There is something so special about a tunic.
Do you have a favorite tunic that you love to wear?
Do you wear with pants?

pve design illustration for jmclaughlin

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

porch swing

There is nothing quite like a porch swing during the summer months. The above illustration was done for a lucky lady who won this illustration as a "custom give-away" - via Cote de Texas.
Out of three hundred plus comments, she was the winner. How fun to imagine myself in the swing on a sultry summer evening with a cool glass of freshly brewed ice tea.

One is never too old for a "swing set." Take time to go to the park, swing away or if you have a swing on your front porch, why not go out and swing a spell.

(Update, June 17, 20210. )Here is what the owner e-mailed to me - nothing quite like positive feedback!
It is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The detail! Thank you so much. I somehow feel that "thank you" doesn't really express how grateful I am for this gift. You captured every little detail. You made the house look even better than it really is.

halter break

How about a halter break, halters seem to be everywhere along with these dreamy greige colors. Pretty dress for a bevy of bridesmaids with a metallic sandal and a bangle or two. Here comes the bride. I found both of these dresses on etsy. I love pretty necklines, halters, ruffles and bows. Nice little break for a June wedding.

Monday, June 14, 2010

cottager cards

pve design "cottage and vine" notecards available on my etsy - pve shop!

This lovely cottage and vine note card was added to my etsy "pve shop."
Inspired by a cozy cottage, some graceful vines, (click here) one very old oak tree and the American flag flying on flag day, today. Happy Flag day to each of you.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

at the ocean

A memory for a Mother carrying her twins, walking along the shore. A keepsake of a fleeting moment with wee tots and a special vacation at the ocean. What sorts of memories are you making this summer? Any plans for walks at the beach?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

relay for life

Shop TODAY, June 12th online at JMcLaughlin and 10% of all online purchases will go back to the American Cancer Society.

What are you waiting for? Father's day is June 20th. Dad will love knowing that part of your purchase will contribute to a "relay for life!" click on JMclaughlin sponsor button to the right.

Friday, June 11, 2010

easy does it

I am pleased to announce a new sponsor, domestic ease. Please hop on over here, and see for yourself what little things can make your life all about ease. Nice tips for living and a weekly give-away keep me coming back for more. I love that it is natural, and not about being perfect. One of my favorite stops for the day! The site is fun and the images are great. I love the top 12
posts too.

Thank-you domestic ease for adding tips and tricks to make my day a little easier and smarter.
Wishing each of you a wonderful weekend. What do you have on the agenda?

Please contact pve design for sponsorship information.