Saturday, December 31, 2011


Imagine my surprise when Eddie Ross e-mailed me on Christmas Day to let me know that I had won this lovely mercury glass bowl.  The one thing I adore about the holidays are all the silver and gold.  How pretty this dish will be for serving little candies or even some home made jam.
Mercury glass objects add an elegant touch to any table.  Thank-you Eddie!

Wishing each of you a Happy New Year full of sparkly surprises.  One dear friend said, "A New Year is a time to find the surprise of each new day!"  Create, design and inspire the kind of year ahead you envision.  Each of us have special gifts and surprises to share.  I look forward to this New Year and sharing goodness with each of you.  I feel so lucky and fortunate to know that each day is full of special suprises and visitors like you who come from near and far.

Friday, December 30, 2011

to be

The New Year is upon us and I have lots of plans to be more of myself.
Over the years, I have learned that we can accomplish so much more when we remain true to ourselves.
 To be thankful and to never stop looking up.
Magic is all around each of us.
 To be more aware of the little things which really are the most important.
 To be organized and put things away where they belong.
To be on my yoga mat and to stretch out each day.

to be reading more....
 Marilyn was an avid reader.

Faith by Jennifer Haigh is on my list.  I am reading The Essentials of Fabulous.
 To be in my studio more, painting and teaching.
In January I will be focusing on getting it set up and ready.
To be more reflective, to gather a collection of mirrors to remind me to reflect joy.
To be thankful for an upcoming 25th wedding anniversary for yours truly and my dear husband.
As time goes by, I appreciate all the years that we have behind us and I look forward to the years ahead to be full of goodness.

Thank-you to each of you for taking time to be here, to read my blog, to comment and to be such loyal supporters.  Like I said, I promise to be more of myself and to continue to create, design and inspire an artful life.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


A rousing Cheers to this fantastic couple for celebrating 50 fabulous years of marriage.  This commission was done as a gift and I loved hearing back from my client as soon as the artwork arrived.
 LOVE, LOVE the art work you did of my parents!!!!  You captured their expressions perfectly!!!  The detail and design is so darling and whimsical......just what they will LOVE!!!!!!  The french style scroll work around the picture of my parents faces is wonderful.  I also adore the painting of them in in front of the Eiffle Tower with their beloved puppies.  You captured my mothers long legs and my fathers magnanimous personality.  You are a true artist and the wait well well worth it:). THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!  Just know tonight that when my parents open this amazing gift that you will be making two very special people extremely happy.

The package just arrived and your artwork is wrapped beautifully!!!!  Once again, Thank YOU!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

see the light

 Many of you commented and asked to see the light lit up, well here she is all lit-up. I feel like I have my very own ball ready to drop for the New Year.
Wanted to share something I am working on....and I am loving the direction of seeing things a little looser and lighter.  I feel that this allows more focus on the subject.
Love to know your thoughts.  I plan to add more portraits to my repertoire.  I would love to know what this pretty girl is thinking.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


"Simple living is about living deliberately. Simple living is not about austerity, or frugality, or income level. It's about being fully aware of why you are living your particular life, and knowing that life is one you have chosen thoughtfully. Simple living is about designing our lives to coincide with our ideals."

Janet Luhrs from The Simple Living Guide

Monday, December 26, 2011

secret stash

 Do you have a stache or a secret stash started?

My stache jar is ready.

Bins or baskets are perfect for storing up stashes of yarn
A jar of Christmas.
Perfect for an early start to next year's gift stash.
A stack of stash of kitchen towels to wrap up some bubbly.
Are you feeling inspired to start a New Year along with a secret stache or stash of something fun?

all images found on pinterest

Saturday, December 24, 2011

O Christmas tree

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
Your branches green delight us!
They are green when summer days are bright,
They are green when winter snow is white.
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
Your branches green delight us!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
You give us so much pleasure!
How oft at Christmas tide the sight,
O green fir tree, gives us delight!
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
You give us so much pleasure!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
Forever true your colour.
Your boughs so green in summertime
Stay bravely green in wintertime.
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
Forever true your colour.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
You fill my heart with music.
Reminding me on Christmas Day
To think of you and then be gay.
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
You fill my heart with music.

May each of you enjoy your Christmas tree and your Christmas Eve.
Wishing all my readers a wonderful holiday.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


 My home made treats are all lined up and ready for giving.  Ever since third grade, I have been baking the classic chocolate chip cookie and here they are wrapped up.
 Found these fantastic boxes from smock paper on line and love the way the gift tag from pixelimpress looks 
tied on top.
 the cookies stack up inside perfectly on parchment paper and tissue.
My new Bertazzoni oven is a dream.
Wishing I could send each of you one of my home made treats.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

happy treats

Happy Holidays to each of you. 
I am busily preparing some sweet home made treats from my new kitchen to give.
I just love these little tags that Pam over at Pixelimpress made for me.

I wish I could send each of you one of my sweet holiday treats.
In the meantime, know you and your comments make my day so happy.
Wishing each of you happy happy days~

cozy up

All I want to do is hide.  Deadlines do that to me.  If only I had this cozy thing.
What cozies up your home?
Do you have an item you grab to fend off winter's chill?
 How I would love to cozy up in this.  Looks like cashmere.  I wonder if it comes in winter white.
So much chicer than that of that fleece snuggly.
 Lately, I just want gobs of creamy wintry white.
 Wintry white snoods around my neck.
 Gentle cozy reminders of snowflakes or white doilies on the plate.  Love this rug.
What cozies up your home to give an air of "all is calm all is bright" - I host knitting today in between dashing to fed ex and finishing up a few more items and on my list.  Soon, all will be cozy and bright!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

merry making

Let's hope each of you have had your fair share of making merry and a canape, crudite or cookie and a chance to don that christmas brooch or bow tie.   I hear that the ubiquitous Christmas sweater is making a merry come-back with the fashionable younger generation.  Fa la la la la  la la la la.  Do you have a merry holiday outfit or accessory that makes the rounds year after year, perhaps something tartan, velvet, brocade or sparkly and brand new?  Spread some holiday cheer, why don't ya.

Monday, December 19, 2011

holiday tips

 T'is the season and now is the time to give to certain folks who help us all year long.  You know who those various helpers are.  Think of them as elves in your life to make your world run a little smoother.
Money or gift cards always are appreciated no matter the nationality.  Think of your cleaning person, Gardener, Banker, Dry Cleaner, Doorman, Dog walker, Postman, Barista, Baker, Candlestick maker...well you get the idea.  If you happen to be all those people, then tip yourself with something nice!
 Fill a nice jar with a fun spoon, a package or two of hot cocoa some marshmallows and tie with a ribbon.  Last week on NPR I heard that drinking cocoa has many benefits to improve the circulation.
I stopped in a local spot when I was out running errands and while I was sitting enjoying my hot cocoa, a lady popped in to give the owner the prettiest amaryllis.  Certain plants always add cheer during the holidays.

There are many wonderful gifts to give to remember those who are part of our daily grind.  Just think of all those who may be need a little cheer this time of year.  Care to share any holiday tips?

Saturday, December 17, 2011


 Just a gentle reminder to remember to breathe.
 This time of year we all feel like we are running around in circles.

 Take time to stretch and to enjoy the moment.
Funny how when we take time to breathe all the way to our toes, we stand up a little taller.
I just love those sugar plum fairies.  They remind me to embrace the sweetness of the holidays.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

look out

Inspiration arrives in many ways if one looks out for it.  This past year for me has been a game of waiting and watching due to our renovation.  Like a child, the excitement has been overwhelming.
Every day feels like Christmas, waiting for boxes or items to be delivered has been so much fun.
The entire process has been incredibly transformative.  Just yesterday, I found the artwork of Finnish artist Helene Schjerfbeck and am in complete and utter awe of her work.  Like watching out a window, one can gaze forever and always see nuances and changes. When my children were small, I used to love watching them look out a window.  Waiting, watching, looking out for something special.
Ya better watch out.....Santa Claus is coming to town!

ever green

 Bringing evergreens inside to adorn a table or a mantle spruces things up during the holidays.
 Wearing a bit of holly green also looks fresh in a sea of red.
 Racing green trousers look chic worn with neutrals.

 Hunter Green Wellies seem right as rain during any down pour.
 A dark green knitted snood spiffs up winter whites.
Green or any sort of green is elegant all year long.  
Do you have any evergreen items that you love?

is good taste
a dash of daring."

-- Carmel Snow
legendary editor-in-chief
Harper's Bazaar