Sunday, February 01, 2009

28 days

"la vie en rose" painted by Patricia van Essche
oil painting - private collection - bequeathed to a beloved.

Feb"ru"ary First, it is today. The shortest month of the year with a mere 28 days, but never to short to paint flowers or to bring a posy indoors to enjoy. The above oil was painted in the month of February, and reminds me to look forward to the light of this month along with Ground hog's day and Valentine's day. Suddenly I find myself with a mere 28 days to conquer this list of 28 random things while I raise my family, be a Mom, work as an Artist, blogger, friend, and wife. That's my life, and here's my long list for 28 days in random order.
  1. Use french words in sentences, (like Audrey Hepburn)
  2. Wear a bit of red, or pink lipstick.
  3. Fresh Flowers on my table.
  4. Knit.
  5. Bake heart shaped cookies.
  6. Sew frogs like I made in high school.
  7. Walk my dog, Bentley. (with red leash)
  8. Make chocolate fondue.
  9. Make chocolate covered strawberries.
  10. Finish my taxes.
  11. Re-upholster chair (that dog loved, a little too much)
  12. Peruse my local thrift shop. (collect consignment check!)
  13. Plan 5 easy piece Spring Wardrobe.
  14. Read "In the Red" novel by Mark Tavener.
  15. Save money, hone in on frugal tactics.
  16. Send home-made valentines
  17. Host friday the 13th good luck lunch.
  18. Eat oysters at The Oyster Bar.
  19. Go to a Museum in the city with a friend.
  20. Wear velvet.
  21. Bake red velvet cupcakes.
  22. Attend jump rope for heart at daughter's school
    for American heart Association.
  23. Ski pretty.
  24. Eat oatmeal for breakfast.
  25. Say "it's good for you" daily to my family.
  26. Paint a small step stool for a wee one.
  27. Decoupage a box.
  28. Finalize renovation plans for our home.
Hope that I inspired you to create a list of 28 things to do in 28 days for a more artful life!
Note that most of these things do not cost little or no money, well that is except for the renovation but as a good friend said, "It is an investment."
What's one thing on your list for February?


Mary James said...

What a great idea....I am starting my list now...

Debra said...

What a beautiful painting- lucky beloved-such a special gift.
I think your list is a great idea- and it inspires me to make a list of things to accomplish-some that I have been putting off far too long.

pve design said...

Mary James-
I can only imagine 28 days full or extraordinary dishes.
Thanks for your comment.

yay, thrilled that I leave you inspired to make a list and to accomplish it too.
Happy Feb.1st.

heidi said...

gorgeous painting!
My list is so short-sighted. Today: Go to Whole Foods with the varmints before it gets too crowded.
End of list. ;-)

Michelle said...

Beautiful painting; a definate sign of spring! The roses in May are my favorites.

I'm off to make my list...I also have to finish my taxes.

Michelle :)

Joyce said...

A very beautiful painting to start off the month and amazing words to go with it.

I love the month of February because it holds many celebrations. I too shall make a list.

Enjoy! xoxo

Tara said...


I think I am going to concentrate on new recipes...just something to chnage up what is becoming a stale winter dinner menu!

Leciawp said...

I love this list!

Ivy Lane said...

Love this post today! Gonna make my list. One thing on it is going to be to spend more time with my family..and to love deeper and laugh harder! :)

Formerly known as Frau said...

I love your simple definately got me thinking! Your work is amazing I have enjoyed looking back at old blogs.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh my! I can't even imagine...some days I'm just happy to get through the day in one piece. :-) Does, "Watch Super Bowl" count? It will involve a baking project today, so I think it does? Actually...I shouldn't complain...this month is shaping up VERY nicely. "Ski in Colorado" and "Celebrate birthday" are on the list. :-)

Leciawp said...

PS - edited my post today to mention your list. Me February one thing is being mindful.

Roque said...

I am so inspired to make my list of 28 things to do this month! Thanks for your great comments on my blog. Glad to have some people checking it out!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I love this idea. What a great list especially the part with your homemade valentines and of the red velvet. I'm going to have to do this as well.

simply seleta said...

Cela est magnifique!

I need to do the same. Wow, only 28 days? You've got quite a list for only 28 days! But if anyone can do it, you certainly can, oh talented one.


Megan Coyle said...

That's such a lovely painting and your list of 28 things is such a good idea. At the moment, my list has one major priority: spend more time making artwork. It's crazy how life can get so busy sometimes that you don't get a chance to do more of the things you love to do.

Emily Evans Eerdmans said...

To reupholster THREE chairs that the cats and their claws loved too much....! EEE

Ina in Alaska said...

Love Love Love the painting. What a are so talented! Your list is fun. Best wishes on accomplishing all items therein... xo

qerat said...

Not only the list but your blog is inspirational

Kwana said...

Wonderful list. I plan to knit with you, find some red flats and say "I Love You" a lot to the people I live with. I'll add on more later.

hello gorgeous said...

First of all, it made me laugh that you say Feb"ru"ary. I'm the only person I know who does.

And I love the name of your painting.

I always have a list going. This month is to read more, blog less generally, organize my art room and use it! and I will def. bake heart-shaped cookies.

3 Peanuts said...

LOVE your painting... and you list.


inkWELL Press said...

Wow - great list. I need to start one for myself. Love this idea!

la la Lovely said...

so inspired.. love your list.. I just gave you an award (I know you've just received the same one but I had to include you as I think you are one of the most grateful and inspiring bloggers I know!!!).

Paul Pincus said...

bake red velvet cupcakes.

ski pretty.

^^my favourites!

the one thing on my list for february is preparing for roddy's 33rd birthday on 14 february!