Monday, January 31, 2011


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Upon this last day of January, my mind wanders ahead to the month of February and love and how everything comes from love. When one has love or passion for something, there is so much life. I am dedicating the month of February to everything that has to do with love. Care to share what you love today?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

full circle home

Inevitably, I seem to create and capture artwork for certain circles and there always seems to be a "six degrees" of seperation. Many clients tell me that there is something about my work that takes them back to a place or conjures up a nostalgic memory. Like the illustration above, the circle window made me think how we work in circles. A childhood friend or home can suddenly come full circle bringing you back right where you started. An object or utensil can also come full circle in your home.

Do you have any items that have come full circle in your home? Love this full circle home site with tons of great cleaning items.
I think you will too.

Friday, January 28, 2011


pve design - illustration for Sheridan Road Magazine
I have always been full of fascination with words that mark a time and place and elevate an object. A "valise" sounds so much more elegant than compared with the title of "suitcase."
Do you have a weekend valise at the ready for weekend escapes? I am ready for an escape somewhere warm after all this snow!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


What a poser. Meet Turley. Turley was illustrated for a client to give as a gift to his Master of the house for the holidays. I just had to capture Turley laying down and sitting. Which pose do you like better?

mitten love

It seems to be a sort of normal occurence to go to bed and wake up to the possibility of accumulation of more snow. Just up to check conditions and yep, lots more snow --- if only I had these sweet mittens....for more shoveling! I think I will close my eyes and hit the snooze button!
If only I had an artillery of snow ball weaponry from l.l.bean....seems we are in for another snow day delay to the start of school....looks like a blizzard around here. Back to bed I go, for more shut eye. Mother dear, where art my mittens?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

smart and stylish

Style is a very simple way of saying complicated things" - Jean Coctea

I am pleased as punch to accept the "Stylish blogger Award" from these smart and stylish bloggers;
Buttermilk Blue Cottage

Seven stylish things about me, that you may not already know....
1. When in doubt - I resort back to black.
2. I adore rooms that have black accents, a black lampshade, a black stripe, a chunky black frame all add up to creating a couture salon sort of space.
3. Every woman needs to have a heroine, or a muse. I think Michelle Obama is the epitome of strength. This McQueen dress is just stunning, what an entrance.
4. All it takes is "one strong woman." (My Father has said this for years!)
...and every man needs one!
5. Every woman needs an essential, a classic white shirt, a strand of pearls, a scarf.

6. It's true, I love what I do.
7. Collections of family photos displayed mean the world to me, especially at other homes!
Thank-you. My two favorite words....they say so much.
I pass this award to these smart and stylish bloggers....I shall be back to link each of them.
All they have to do is share seven points that we may not already know!
Aspiring Kennedy
Bentley Waters
Deliciously Organized
Easy and Elegant Life
Summer is a verb
Melissa C. Morris

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I love spotting my work propped in blogland.
Cottage and vine posted this when she shared her lovely diy burlap shade.
My artwork is finished and sent in a hand cut archival mat, ready for framing. I always love knowing that when it arrives, it usually sits in a spot for lots of good PR.
Nothing like a little blog love.

If you have any of my artwork, love to see where you have it propped!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Just illustrated this home which makes me think of warmhearted play dates, spending time after school, jumping rope, selling lemonade and feeling all the pride and joy of that flag waving. We are having a really cold day today....but just thinking of a sunny spring day makes my heart a bit warmer. Hope you are staying warm and thinking sunny thoughts today.
Stay warm

Friday, January 21, 2011

nail on the head

image via
Nailheads are everywhere.
image via
on bags
on doors
on furniture
How do you like nailheads and decorative hardware?
I think I need to tackle a project and add some nail heads.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

moore monograms

I am fascinated with the artwork of John Matthew Moore and these incredible gouache monograms, based on 18th century monograms. Give me an E for extraordinary.
.....and an S for Splendid.
I was so lucky to be able to speak to John Matthew Moore last week.
Blogging has connected me with so many lovely artists and designers who are passionate about their work. John works to achieve realism in a large format.
Impressive not only in size but in the amount of detail.
His tulip collections look alive and make me anxious for the arrival of Spring.
Not only does his work shine, he has a gentle soul and the patience of a Saint to do such gloriously detailed works.
Saunter on over here to see more of his work.
I shall be passing along your comments to John as he does not have a blog.....yet.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Growing up, I was always amazed at how my Mother could easily whip a dinner up from the pantry. A stocked pantry can really save one tons of money on the weekly food budget. Found this book, "Urban Pantry" by Amy Pennington and love the idea of taking inventory of what is on the shelves.

What are some items that are in your pantry that you have on hand?
It is amazing what happiness can be found on a pantry shelf....on a snow day.
Here's a list of your staples-
baked beans
tomato's - crushed. canned
steel cut oats

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

cuddling up

We have a school delay (update - closing) this morning and it feels nice to cuddle up in my long johns.

Do you wear long john's when the temps drop into the single digits?
Some people refer to them as cuddle duds or long undies. What do you call them?

Monday, January 17, 2011


Do you have a dream?
Of course you do. We all need to have dreams.
Dreams help lead us along.
Dreams live on, long after...
My dream is a resplendent blend of respect for the past and hope for a bright future.
Do you have dreams for the future?
above image from here.
Take a moment of silence today in honor of Martin Luther King.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

vanilla dream

There is something so beautiful and calm about winter.
Take time to dream in January.

all images from here.

Friday, January 14, 2011

even better

Thank-you to each of you for taking time out of your day to stop here.
Your faith in me is a great motivator.
Last time I checked I had nearly 700 followers!
A special thanks goes out to one of my very special sponsors, J.McLaughlin.
I first began illustrating for J.McLaughlin when they had three shops, now there are 40 plus stores
"even better SALE" going on right now.
up to 70% off...
Tell me what item would make your day even better?

Thursday, January 13, 2011


This week, I confess, I am a bit obsessed with the artwork of Chardin. The life of drudgery and daily tasks are inspirational. Just back from the market "schlep" and now to put everything away and then get on with my work.

But first, tell me- do you schlep your own
basket or bags to the market?
A pretty market tote does make one's schlepping much less tedious.
Does it not also add a "touch of Europe" to your day.

Do you schlep your own tote to market?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

cold feet

It is cold outside and there is snow on the ground and I have cold feet just looking at this image. What sorts of remedies cure your cold feet? Dancing, warm socks, hot baths?
Snow day here today. Off to assist in shoveling the driveway with cold feet but warm heart!

odd jobs

There is something so therapeutic about chores and and restoring order to one's environment.
I am always amazed at the amount of odd jobs that one can do to earn a living.
Just a few;
Tech aid
Party Planner
Dog Walker
Care giver
Life Coach

Fashion seems to dictate a perfectly ordered life along with hiring one for a variety of odd jobs.
What sorts of odd jobs or chores would you pay someone to help you with around the house?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sharpen up

image Chardin
I must admit that I cannot draw until I sharpen up my pencil. There is something totally wrong about trying to execute any proper line or note without a sharpened tool.

In high school, I took lessons from an art teacher who taught us how to sharpen with a sanding block. First we had to use an exacto-knife to sharpen and then rub the pencil on the block to create a sharp point.

The dustings from the block may be saved to use for shading with a blending stump.
Did you ever stop to think about your passion and how the simplest of tools can drive you to feed your passion to join a sharp-set of sharp-shooters.
What sort of tool has helped you to sharpen up on your creative passion?
Nothing like a new supply of pencils to help me to create and sharpen up.

Monday, January 10, 2011

drawing board

image - Chardin
Back to the drawing board. Head down. Nose to the grindstone.
image -Hockney
There is nothing like the journey of creating and being inspired by other great artists.
Fresh water at my side for drinking and another container for cleaning my brush.
Fresh clean water is essential.
Everything is alright in the world when I am at my drawing board.
I close my eyes and I give thanks for this gift.
The light of the day warms my soul.

Do you draw? Why not take a little time each day to draw something when you find yourself bored? Care to share your work with me?
I never imagined that part of my mission would actually inspire anyone to create or design an artful life, but it is working.

I love knowing that I have helped to inspire....others to the drawing board.

Winners of Friday and Saturdays giveaway are
Mary Jo Trust your style