Thursday, February 19, 2009

porcelain people

A family heirloom, a Haviland casserole
The above porcelain dish was produced by Haviland & Co. - the china company which was founded by an American who visited Limoge, France in the 1800's to oversee the production of china.   This casserole dish was a gift from my mother along with ten exquisite serving dishes.
I adore the deep blue and gold, the scallop pattern and the delicate branches painted upon the lid.  When entertaining, nothing is easier than serving one casserole, a mixed green salad, some fresh warm rolls and a cheese platter.

President Lincoln's china pattern
Mr.Haviland stayed in France and founded Haviland-Limoges, a re-knowned porcelain manufacturer.  The above plate was produced for President Lincoln.   Many are wondering what pattern will the Obama's select for the presidential china.   Has the eagle landed?

An exquisite Haviland piece.  Go to the site here.
Many heirlooms in my Mother's home were from Great Aunt Louise.  She had amassed quite the collection of antiques along with 3 husbands but never any children.  Here she is (below) standing next to my Uncle Bob and she is wearing her signature scalloped front open cardigan which she sewed.  She loved  "Stewarts Dry Goods" a shop where she would go for her fabrics. She had a passion for textiles, notions, antiques, fruit cakes and sherry.  I have the fondest memories of spending time with her, the sweet smell of english lavender soap and her porcelain skin. Words seemed to slip off her tongue with a lady-like high pitch, finished with a "You know what I mean" - I truly think that was her way of getting the last word in and her way of wanting to be certain that she was understood.  She came for special dinners, like birthdays and would always bring our favorite "Ermin's Ice Cream."   The ice cream had a distinct flavor with small bits of butter that would linger.  It was rich and fine.

"Great Aunt-Weezie" with "Uncle Bob" - "Porcelain People"

Today, I ponder the fineries. Do you have "porcelain people" in your life that represent a time and place which made an influence over you?  So much history, all in a dish.


heidi said...

Great post! I'm lovin' Aunt Weezie.

Debra said...

What a beautiful covered dish~ and sweet story about your Aunt Weezie. I bet she always had little mints and a hankie in her purse too. It's such fun thinking back on memories like these. What a cute couple.

pve design said...

I am only sorry that I did not keep a journal of all the fascinating stories she shared. I do think I remember her carrying those paper blotters, that came in pastel colors for blotting out the shine. Do you remember those. Oh, and you are correct, her hankie was tucked into her 3/4 sleeve.
My Uncle was my mom's brother and Great Aunt Weezie was my Grandma's sister.

Joyce said...

What a warm post this morning Patricia! The covered dish is beautiful! I can feel the love and golden memories of your Aunt Weezie.
Maybe you still can keep a journal of the memories you do remember along. She sounds like she left a wonderful imprint in your life.

Thanks Patricia for sharing your Aunt with us. xoxo

Karena said...

Patricia, the Limoges set must be astounding as the compote is gorgeous. My Aunt Dodie and my cousin Sharon always had a grace and style about them, as well as a great eye for special pieces.

Michelle said...

Oh these are so beautiful! My grandmother has the most beautiful wedding china, but we can't use it b/c it has loads of lead...

Kasey said...

so true! and a lovely post!

Kwana said...

Oh what a fine post. I'm going to think a bit on the porcelain people in my life and maybe make a call or two.

Sabina said...

Beautiful covered dish and such a lovely story!! I collect French Haviland Limoge and have my grandmothers china cabinet filled with all her treasures. It means so much to me.


Kim said...

That was a great post! I loved the description of your aunt! I can completely picture her. And love the scalloped edge!

Tricia said...

Mine was Aunt Mary -- married late and had one son, no daughters, so lots of lovely treasures in her oh-so-quiet home (that I visited each week with my parents). I was handed down some lovely scalloped silver trays, a handsome Duncan Phyfe sofa (now recovered in a manly black and cream Barbara Barry houndstooth) and her wedding rings -- too petite for anything but my pinkie but lovely to behold. I treasure these items for the many childhood memories they hold. (My name is Patricia as well, as I love the china in our name!)