Friday, February 20, 2009

silly wabbit

"Rabbit" - by Hunt Slonem, on display at Bergdorf Goodman -New York

Yesterday was a day full of "play"- in New York City and I was positively crazy for the "silly wabbits" in the windows at the posh Fifth Avenue store, Bergdorf Goodman.

The Artwork of Hunt Slonem was on display along with a witty collection of "scwewy" fashions for which I have a wild hair for, just look at that dazzling necklace above along with the cleverly arranged palette, brushes and tubes of paint.  

You do remember "Elmer Fudd" - and his penchant for "silly wabbits" likes Bugs Bunny.
This rabbit has his brush fully loaded, along with this colorful "Balenciaga" bag.  I also spotted these bags at Barneys on display.  They are witty, full of whimsy and have a casual sophisticated yet -fun flair.  I think we all could use a little color, as we hope for Spring.

More fuel to my desire to design and create an artful life is on display in the above window.  I think it was refreshing to see things casually composed with a carefree spirit in a world 
obsessed with restoring order.  I'd like to think of it as magical and lucky, akin to pulling a rabbit out of a hat or that of a "fatal attraction."  I know, I just could not resist wanting to know more about this artist, Hunt Slonem and of course the to die for fashions.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I think you would be good at doing a dreamy window display yourself! How fun would that be!

Joyce said...

The bunnies in the window are so neat. I love what they did with the display, the brushes, jewelry and shoes all coming together making a fun and playful window. It makes me want to jump behind the window and play. Do you think I would get in trouble?
Have a golden weekend! xoxo

pve design said...

I actually worked in "Visual Merchandising" and you would be surprised at how hard a job it truly is.
That said, I loved it. I remember winning the lowest bid and sewing these enormous gold lame balls, stuffed with those tiny styrofoam bits that were in my apartment for weeks. lol.

I really wanted to get right in there and paint and play with the elegant fashions. Like jumping into an artful closet and art bin.

Miss Cavendish said...

Just love these. The delightful "Small Expectations" directed me to her blog the other day (b/c of my bunny avatar!) to take a peek at her BG vitrine photos. I'm excited for Easter now and looking forward to putting my bunny/tiny cake collection on the table . . .

pve design said...

miss cavendish-
I did think of you, and your bunny cakes- the accessories had your name all over them.

Debra said...

Oh what fun and full of inspiration- I see Bunnykins in your future come Easter and a few more signs of spring. I just knew you had to be up to something fun yesterday! Was this a full-family affair?

hmstrjam said...

loved these! hope you got some yummy cupcakes!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Completely delightful.

Michelle said...

BG does the most amazing windows...a must for every trip to NYC!

la la Lovely said...

I love rabbits!!! And those two paintings are so pretty and abstract!!!!! Hope you have a most lovely weekend!
xx Trina

pve design said...

my trip to the city was a girlie trip, my daughter and a friend with a list that was long. we covered a lot of ground and had a super day.

inkWELL Press said...

I love looking at window displays for inspiration - especially Anthropologie!

pve design said...

I know, I think it is all about the allure of the window and wanting to be inside.
Thanks for your kind comments.

gina said...

what a lovely creative mecca NYC is - oh so envious!! Love the bunny!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

So glad that you took the time to dream a little in the City. NYC can be a bit overwhelming to me (three days is my limit...I forget that I can stop while it doesn't.)

My daughter's device is a rabbit (got to do with the middle family name.) I had stationary engraved when she was born. Now I'm sort of obsessed with good examples of classic bunnies. Hermès has a great tie pattern this season... unfortunately.

pve design said...

my daughter was born the year of the rabbit and we do have quite a collection of all shapes and sizes,
an hermes tie with a petit lapin is just the sort of tie for easter parade.
hop hop.

Kwana said...

So fun. Inspiration all around.

pve design said...

hope you will get to visit NY one day, be happy to show you around.

yes, ny makes my heart beat a bit faster- and makes me hopeful for spring and easter baskets full of chocolate bunnies and "peeps!"

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I have always thought it would be so much fun to "do" windows! One could really let the imagination fly. These are wonderful!

And I have loved seeing your beautiful boys in their birthday photos, and your delightful Aunt Weezie!!

Topsy Turvy said...

Patricia - I love Hunt Slonem's art too! He is quite eccentric and fascinating, and owns several mansions plus huge studios in NY - they are all featured in that book in the display window. He also loves interior design. I did a post about him last year:


annechovie said...

Great photos! A friend of mine was in the city last week and sent me some photos of the same windows! That Hunt Slonem is so creative and such a "color" guy.

So Haute said...

I love the bunny paintings and Hunt's work in general. Ironically, I was just at a friend's house and she had the most beautiful Hunt Sloanem painting of a gypsy woman on her wall. I took pictures and will be posting it on my blog soon! And there's also a little feature on Hunt with a tour his studio on New York Social Diary...definitely check it out!

pve design said...

so haute,
you have a blog, I am sorry, can you give me your blog link? thanks so much for your comments.

So Haute said...

Hi! Here's the link to my blog!

Anonymous said...


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