Thursday, March 31, 2011

On campus

A lovely client came to me with a request for a work of art to give to her Father. How wonderful to have a special memory on campus. Timely for me since I have twin sons who are high school seniors and will be off to college in the Fall.
This week as many students are waiting to receive envelopes or e-mails as to which schools will accept them for the coming Fall, including my twin sons. It is an exciting and somewhat anxiety driven time for students and parents.

If you attended a University, what were some of your favorite memories of being on campus?
Wishing all of the students all over the world much success and happiness on and off campus.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

spring dew

Do you know design-seeds? Take a look over here if you need a little color inspiration?
Also, just an fyi to add a comment for the Shabby Apple dress give-away.
The winnner shall be randomly selected and posted friday.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

free art folks

Last Spring, while touring Union college upstate with my son, I snapped a photo of this quilt that a student had embroidered all the current pop star folks in red. The show was titled "Critical Stitch."
I knew I was saving this photo for a special reason.
Just look at all these red and white quilts.
Three centuries of red and white quilts on display here.
An infinite variety of magnificent quilts on parade to admire.
March 30th is the last day to see this at the Folk Art Museum.
By the way folks, it's free.
Thanks to Mel for the heads up.
image source

slow cooker

Meet my new slow cooker. My twin sons gave me this baby for my birthday.
I did drop a hint that I'd love one! Especially after seeing so many articles on how the slow cooker is back in fashion.
Keep in mind that today's slow cooker is not your mother's crock pot!
I keep finding lots of healthy inspiration over here.

This ceramic insert can be served right to the table and makes clean up a breeze.
I can't decide what I love more, the slow cooker or the fast clean up!
Are you a member of the slow cook revolution in this fast paced life?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Shabby Apple (dress giveaway)

Nothing like a new dress to make Monday more magnificent.
This dress would make my monday feel more "Marsielle."
I would love wearing it with an espadrille and a straw tote.
Shabby Apple has kindly offered to host this give-away via pve design.
Which dress would you like to win?
Did you know I worked at the library in college. Why did I not wear a fabulous black dress like this while I was working the five to nine shift? Also available in this springy green.
This dress would be fabulous to wear to dinner and to an art opening. I love vintage dresses for little girls and ladies! Shabby Apple is offering my readers a nice discount, all you need to do is enter pvedesign10off when you order.

I have my eye on a couple a new dresses in the new line called "Roamin" which would be perfect for a Summer Holiday in Italy. Summer seems synonomous with dresses and staying cool while looking polished wherever one roams.

Tell me, which dress would you like to win, Marsielle or the five to nine black dress? Just leave me a comment here. Winner must have a US Shipping address. Winner announced friday, April 1st!
Leave a comment here. Giveaway ends at midnight March 31st.

Order here and do not forget to use this discount code "pvedesign10off"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Sunday

Have a Happy Sunday. One of my favorite days of the week and paintings.
I always loved the direction of the profile of the people and that sweet girl in the white dress standing straight ahead with her Mother or perhaps her very own Mary Poppins.
Enjoy this Sunday.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


This absolutely beautiful book arrived for me yesterday all the way from Australia.
Did you by chance hear that scream, well it was me, delighted!
I cannot even begin to tell you how utterly gorgeous are the artworks by Cressida Campbell.
I had the great pleasure of meeting Anna in New York city several weeks ago on a cold wintry night. I loved knowing that Anna's trip to New York was full of a plethora of choices for her along with witnessing her first ever sighting of snow. She took home a bit of NY love with her.
Via the Blog world, I am most thankful for meeting Anna and connecting. I know that this world is more beautiful for each of us connecting and sending out beautifullness.
Thank-you Anna for all the beautifullness you radiate each day in my life.

Friday, March 25, 2011

hang up now

Last night at our local High School, we had Jacy Good and her boyfriend, Steve speak to an intimate audience about the dangers of cell phone use while driving. My sons had heard her speak a year ago and asked me to go. My husband and I attended and walked away realizing that all it takes it one second to change one's life forever.

Jacy and Steve are on a mission to educate the dangers of cell phone usage while driving. Even a hands free device does not prevent distraction. Evidence shows the brain in sentencing is that of a brain driving under the influence. In the state of NY, if you are caught driving and on your cell phone, you can lose 2 points off your license.

If you would like to have Jacy speak to your organization or High School, she and Steve are available and on a mission to enforce a "Hang up and Drive" campaign. We owe it to our children and all those who are on the road to drive safely and give driving our full attention.
Will you please join me and promise to hang up and drive. I think we would all like to know that our loved ones travel and arrive safely. My mission to design, create and inspire an artful life takes on new meaning to realize that it can all be changed forever by one small action.
Please join me in spreading the word and raising awareness to those you love. Hang up and drive.

Winner of the tuffet from pixie dust decor is Ryland Woodard.
Hang it up and go check out her blog. You will thank-me.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

sail away

Check out this catalina 3/4 sleeve top for Spring from J.McLaughlin.
I always think a new maritime print can add a touch of smooth sailing to my day.
As I wake to yet another dusting of snow, my thoughts "sail me away" to warmer waters.
Pop over here to look at some new arrivals for Spring.

I'd like to thank Shari of "little blue deer" for giving me back my signature green logo here, after living without it for a few weeks, I realized how much it was a part of my life and I missed it so much. Shari, you are super to work with! Shari does great work and custom blog design.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wedding wishes

Nothing like a wedding to motivate one to create a special day full of meaning for the guests as well as the star of the day, the bride and groom. I was so inspired by Everything LEB as she posted her wedding ideas and happy colors.
I illustrated this special work of art for her which she is using on her wedding day. It is actually at my framer, being beautifully framed with orange and blue and a pretty gold frame. Warm wedding wishes to the lovely couple, "trunks up!"

Let the celebration of love begin. The above cookies were the party favor at her wedding shower!

Wishes also over at Reverie-Daydream today, hop on over and toss a coin into the fountain and make a wish!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tuffet it out (give-away)

Yes she did, she sat on a tuffet. Toughing it out!
Everybody needs a tuffet when they are eating their curds and whey, right?
Sponsor Pixie dust decor is kindly giving one away....
leave a comment as to where you would use a tuffet?
The tuffet giveaway is in bon bon vert stripe.

I can just picture a pretty picnic on the lawn with everyone sitting on tuffets, that is until the spiders come along and frighten (me) away?
I guess when the going gets tough a tuffet will bring out my inner little miss muffet.
Tough it out and leave a comment.
Winner will be announced Friday, March 25th.


Nothing like the tick-tock of a clock or a deadline to motivate one to be on time. Since my focus this month at the old blog has been dedicated to motivation, we all know that a deadline is a sure fire way to get one on track. Did I just here you cheer? Do you impose deadlines for projects? Love to hear how you work under pressure?

Excuse me while I find my inner calm in the midst of a few critical deadlines.

Monday, March 21, 2011

office essentials

Here is Maira Kalman's list of Office Essentials.

Maira Kalman's Office Essentials

1. Winsor and Newton paint brushes
2. Daler Rowney sketch books
3. Staedtler eraser and brush
4. Artemide desk lamp
5. Aeron chair
6. Pigma Micron Archival Ink pens
7. No. 2 pencils, any brand

I admire a woman who has her priorities for day-dreaming in order and creating. Gotta love Maira.

I love that our lists are so similar. Nothing like new office supplies on a Monday.

What is on your list for office essentials?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

cup of cheer

My sister painted this cheery cup. I love the playful colors and palest pink on the cup. Wishing each of you a weekend full of cheer and happiness. The weather is feeling more like spring and we are all getting in the groove with the added light too. Now all we need are some blossoms to add cheer to our cups!

Friday, March 18, 2011

bloggers unite - day of silence

give here - silently

true friends

Friends are indeed treasures.
There is nothing like the motivation a true friend can inspire.
A friend can make you realize your potential and instill a "can-do" attitude.
Rain or shine, a true friend is always there.
Today I give thanks for true friends who listen, encourage and motivate me to be the best possible me.
I thank each of you for your enthusiasm and kindness.
Each of your birthday wishes were so appreciated.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's my Birthday

It's my Birthday today.
I'm gonna eat cake.
Blessed am I among women.
I am so fortunate to have my dear faithful family and friends and beloved four legged companion at my side.
After all the partying, I think I will unplug and take a birthday nap and enjoy a fragrant cup of green tea from Tea-Blossom.

Head over to Tea Blossom today to recieve a 25% off on all green teas with a minimum purchase of $20. On-line shoppers, please enter the promotional code: stpatty25 to redeem the discount when you check out.
Happy St. Patrick's day to each of you.
paintings by Pauline Lim

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My Mother has always told me that progress makes perfect.
Progress is being made on my studio.
The workers have had a relentless winter and had to work around snow and freezing temperatures.
Weekly meetings and daily tasks bring us closer to seeing things take shape.
It is all very exciting and a bit scary.

My new studio space will give me room to paint larger works and an area to devote to my love of design and art.
Pardon the mess, but my father has always told me, "Messes mean progress."
I love knowing that all this will be for the betterment of my future work.
I look forward to my work taking on new meaning, having a dedicated space.
Thank-you to each of you for your encouragement, motivation and support.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am in a good place, I am on a roll. Being productive gives me happiness.
Finishing things on my list also makes me out-and-out smile.
Often, the hardest part is just starting, getting it out and on paper.
I started this work and could not eat, sleep or stop until I was done.
Now I have to send it off which makes me happy too, well happy in a sad sort of way.
Sending my artwork out is never easy for me.
Saying goodbye is never easy to those I love.
I am so pleased. Do you love it as much as I do?


One really has to work in order to know that inspiration indeed exists.
There are signs, one just has to look for them.
Some messages are hidden on purpose, like the words inside a lucky fortune cookie.
...or inside a bureau. Notes and quotes pinned in a spot serve as gentle reminders or signs to carry on.
Do you have any inspirational notes posted about?
Any notes or signs that you treasure and keep posted about to keep you motivated?

be back shortly to list the sources...

Monday, March 14, 2011

monday mojo series 2

Please welcome guest blogger and business owner -Melissa of

It’s hard to imagine living a life that doesn’t motivate me to wake up every day ready to take on anything that comes my way. I’m a firm believer in controlling your own destiny, and although, sometimes it feels as if the cosmos throw out a crazy right-hook {re: economy, kids, health, etc.}, I still feel it is vital to live the life you can’t live without. This doesn’t equate to going beyond your means, but rather, allowing your soul to be enriched by doing what you love most.

My husband and I committed to chasing our dreams and making them a reality. He is an artist, and I am a small business owner who supports small artisans from around the world. We are not wealthy, we struggle to make ends meet, but we are happy. Every day brings a new challenge, opens our eyes to different methods or designs, and allows us to learn and meet new people and things. Our days are not 9-5, 5 days a week; we ‘are on’ constantly…no sick days, no IRA’s, no steady paycheck, no healthcare plans. We are motivated by the sheer joy of being our own boss, letting our creative juices flow without any barriers, and knowing that at the end of every day, we did our very best for us and those we support and believe in 100%.

Life is short. Live it.

Thank-you Melissa!

Please pop over to visit Reverie-daydream and take a look around.

Melissa's shop is dreamy and I have ordered a few items and love them!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

1000 wishes

Japanese legend has it that 1000 red cranes will bring kindness to those who have endured harm or injury. The red crane is a symbol of longevity and nobility.
Let's all join together and fold red origami cranes. My heart aches for all the people of Japan.
Perhaps one small act of kindness, folding cranes will bring about good wishes and comfort during this time.