Wednesday, February 25, 2009

domestic sheep

Domestic sheep instinctively flock together.   Sheep are very social creatures as well.  You will never see a lone sheep, where there is one, shall be 4 more.  This little sheep flocked on over to Calico Corners to meet the fabulous design leader "Eddie Ross."

Eddie Ross & Patricia van Essche smiling for the camera (I think I could be old enough to pass for his Mother)  Eddie is a young vibrant thing!
I had planned to mail the sheep illustration, a housewarming gift to Eddie & Jaithan -(which I matted in linen), knowing how much he loves linen and neutrals.  Eddie & Jaithan were such warm and welcome hosts as well as the Calico Corners shop staff.  It was an intimate setting.

Eddie graced us as he presented some wonderful ideas to refresh one's living space.  His energy and passion are so fresh and playful.  His laugh is infectious and his ability to laugh at himself ranks likability in my book.  Really, just a few details and a little creative ingenue are all one needs to infuse and make it distinctively yours. 

An artfully arranged centerpiece in a white urn, by Eddie
Are these flowers not just gorgeous?  So Eddie.  As well as the spread of beverages and light fare which was artfully arranged.  The grapes were delightful as well as the wine.

Thrift store beaded dress from Eddie, "the before"
Eddie showed us a thrift store beaded dress that was transformed into something gorgeous for the home.  The envelope please.

Transformed into this stunning pillow - "the after"
And the Oscar goes to Eddie and Calico Corners for this award winning pillow.  

Calico Corners in house event, felt like being at home.
Thank you to Calico Corners and to Eddie and Jaithan for a fun and educational evening.
Take a look at Calico Corners to add some fresh fabrics to your home, make custom napkins, tablecloths, re-cover a chair, have some new and witty pillows and make your home a place filled with stories.  
Be sure to flock to an event if Eddie happens to come to your meadow.   Seriously, who needs magazines with leading bloggers making live appearances and offering up free tips.  Everywhere that Eddie goes, this little lamb shall go.  Are you a domestic sheep?  What will you do to add some freshness to your home for Spring?


ArchitectDesign™ said...

You both look terrific -it looks like a great event too!

pve design said...

thanks, it was a fun event!
Great to meet the Eddie.

GrannySmithGreen said...

He is such a talented fellow--and so are you PVE! I am always impressed at how he can take a simple overlooked object and transform it into something special. My, my you two talented people! Wish I could have been there with you!

pve design said...

he was so enthusiastic and fun, and the way he can just answer and field questions, he has clever ideas and a vision! All his hard work will pay off.
Thanks for your kind comment, flattery will get you everywhere, (my Mom always told me!)

Kwana said...

Check you and Eddie out. You both look great. I love the sheep. So fine!

Leciawp said...

You look like his sister - definitely NOT like his mother. Beautiful pics and looks like a fun event! And I love the sheep.

Kim said...

That pillow is awesome! I'm on the hunt for a dress so I can make one of those!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Beautiful! I think to bring spring into my home I will always have fresh flowers. They have a huge flower market everyday in our city center and very inexpensive.

pve design said...

really wished you could have come with!

was fun and you are so kind. I know you have that incredible seattle view, but how are you infusing freshness in your home for spring. you must have something imaginative on your list.

that pillow was so you, especially with the sparkly beads. maybe eddie will come to your neighborhood!

declare a flower yours, "frau." I read that we each need to name one in our honor. how cool is that, right! germany does have amazing flowers, lucky you. ny city does too.

Debra said...

First of all- you are gorgeous! What a great time that must have been. I love Eddie's style- simple, classic. They must have loved your painting- what a sheepishly sweet gift for them.
What a nice way to start the day~thank you.

pve design said...

You are so kind, I see I need to apply more of that new eye cream..! >- -< I wanted to take Eddie home.
Love to see what he would do to freshen up my home.

Michelle said...

At least you are not 6' Many times, I have to scunch down to get into the frame.

You both look great. Always nice to get together with other bloggers!

kari and kijsa said...

What a fabulous event! You both look great!
kari & kijsa

Joyce said...

Great photo of you and Eddie! His love of life and energy looks very contagious.The setting of the evening did look very inviting as one would be in someone's home. I bet he loved his treasure of the lambs. Thanks my friend for sharing a wonderful evening between friends. xoxo

Emily said...

How fun! You look fab! I can't wait to spring into action and de-winter my home. I need help with my curtains - my new focus! Love the sheep illustration. I'm sure Eddie loved it too!

littlebyrd said...

I actualy think you look like his sister! Very cute photo of you both. I love what they did with the thrift store dress - I need to keep that in mind as I am out hunting. And what a lovely gift you made for them!

Anonymous said...

It was so great meeting!! I have to say in the picture of us we do look like brother and sister! Jaithan and I can not thank you enough for the beautiful watercolor of the cotswold sheep! We LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to have it framed and hang it in a special place in our home!

Karena said...

Great photo of you and Edie, another favorite of mine! I Wish I could have been there. Now I am kicking myself for giving away an 80's Carmen Marc Volvo gown (it had huge padded shoulders) & would have made georgeous pillows just like thee!

Karena said...

Meant Eddie of Course!

Renae Moore said... look fabulous...absolutely not the mother! What a fun event....those kinds of things seem to give a little lift!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Such a happy, lovely photo. And you most certainly do not look like his mother! I adore your sheep painting. I just love sheep, even more now that I've started knitting!

Maria Killam said...

How fabulous! I so wished I could be there! Sounds like such a blast! You are so beautiful!!!

N said...

How fantastic and fun! Thank you for giving us an almost-in-person peek. What a charming personality and talent.

Julia said...

How fabulous! What an exciting time this must have been :)

heidi said...

LOVE that pillow! And the sketch! xxooh

inkWELL Press said...

So fun - I'm going to have to see if he's coming near me. I do love him... he's got amazing style and talent. such a great idea with the thrift store dress. So creative.

Rachel said...

Mmmmmm...those flowers are so beautiful. I want to run out and buy some right now.

Liz Harrell said...

Ok. NO WAY could you be his mother. You are gorgeous!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Whenever I try to make something out of old clothes...They look like...old clothes! Looks like a very fun event. That darn talented.

I'm back from the Internetless West and so happy to start visiting with my bloggy friends again. I was starting to get the shakes. much do I love Colorado skiing? Swoooonnn... I also skied with a hot dog of a sixteen-year-old so I'm ready hit the slopes with yours. :-) word verification is "nocan" -- is it somehow trying to tell me that Laura no-can keep up with two sixteen-year-olds?

Magpie said...

Pretty pillow - but somehow I think that a white beaded number is a no-no with a five year old around!

pve design said...

As a child I loved seeing fancy things and what was off limits when making mud pies! There is a time and place for everything - fingerprints and all.

pve design said...

oh thanks for your kind comments and I love what you did with the editing over at Mabel's house. Simplifying is an art.

Live In Full Color said...

Hi Patricia,

It was so fun meeting you last night... the pix of you and Eddie is so cute!

What a thoughtful gift ( and fun theme-domestic sheep, love it!). It was great to see your work up close.. you really are just so super talented, I know they will cherish having it in their new home.

pve design said...

what fun to meet you, fellow blogger and lover of living a colorful life. come back friday for a colorful fab friday give-away!

jae said...

That's terrific! It looks like it was a fun and inspirational evening. However, I think inspiration also comes from your thoughtfulness of the sheep watercolor...I love that you did that!

pve design said...

oh, and if I had the pleasure to meet you, I would also have something to give to you, something found as well as something with a story.
you are the best.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

You look 110 ... percent. Full stop.

I bet you had fun. I can imagine the creativity flying around the space made for a heady evening.

pve design said...

You are always a gentleman.

LindsB said...

How much fun is that? I am so jealous, I wish I lived a little closer and I would have made the drive!

BTW, you look BEAUTIFUL in the picture with Eddie, just gorgeous!

###### said...

You are gorg! PVE I love your posts and left great comments on blog..thanks so much..I love to blog and clearly you do to..thanks for making it worth wild...

pve design said...

lindsb and tamstyles,
coming from you girls of style, that means a lot to me