pve custom

Celebrate Life's Special Moments with Custom,
Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Life brings us countless, wonderful surprises throughout our years. Some are captured for posterity through photographs, others on video. For those moments that touch us in a truly moving way, custom illustrations offer a unique avenue for endlessly celebrating that point in time.
Each illustration I draw captures the soul of the moment. As I work, my curiosity takes over and I begin to wonder about what's going on inside a house or which emotion has brought forth the soft smile on a new bride's face. Hand-drawn illustrations for business or personal use are available in a variety of mediums for:
  • your current home (or any home you remember fondly)
  • a storefront
  • your business logo
  • a favorite vacation spot
  • your beloved pet
  • your boat/yacht
  • a wedding ceremony or reception
  • a peacefully sleeping child
  • a party
… Or any other moment where you wish you could stop time. I'll then transform it into a work of art you can display for all to see. I am able to draw from photographs or at live events.
Each illustration begins as a collaboration between you and me. The end result is the telling of a unique, personal story that's captured in a distinctive way for all time. I present you with a custom, hand-drawn illustration that is matted and ready to frame.
I would be delighted to hear from you about the special moments in your life. I'm available via email or telephone at 914-715-1662 (Eastern Time Zone). When you contact me, I'll gladly offer a custom quote and time frame for the delivery of your memory.