Friday, September 30, 2011

carry on

 The last day of September and we carry on to the month of October.  I love finding items that are "carry-on approved."  I found them over here
 Along with this smart line of bags to pack individually.
For a weekend or a week.
I could easily "carry-on" with this bag.  It is just so beautifully made.
Have a great weekend.
Goodbye September.
We carry on to a new month.
October starts this weekend.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

stop and stare

Taking a little time out for the next few days just to "stop and stare."  My daughter often tells me not to stare.  I just cannot help it, I know I see things that cause me to just stop and stare.
I know it is rude to point or to stare.  
I try to figure out a way to capture it, to keep it, to store it in my brain and then get it from there to paper or canvas.
I spent years saying, "I can do that." Now I am spending days saying things like, "How did they do that?" The  rope in this work says it all and the fact that her hands are behind her back to keep her from reaching out and touching it.   I stand very much the same way in front of works I admire.

I leave you with this image from Andy Virgil.
I love the stance of this gal, standing in front of this old master, staring at it so intently. 

What was the last thing that caused you to stop and stare?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

land ahoy

I have a few new commissions that involve sail boats and while I was doing some research I came across some more Andy Virgil work and love it.  There is something about boating that never seems to look dated and I love how boys toys just get bigger and better.  We have friends with boats and whenever the invite arrives for an outing on a boat, we immediately reply "yes."  I just love being on or near the water.  Images keep flooding my head with lists of what to wear and to bring.  My camera is ready.  White jeans, striped tops, windbreakers and sneakers make me smile too.  Sunglasses, check.
Are you with me.  Can I get a fist pump and a yes!
Are you anxious for land or do you want to jump right in?

When you are taking on a project, do you do tons of research or just set sail?  Things always go smoother for me when I feel more prepared.   The research I do makes my senses awake, I hear the sounds of the waves lapping on the side of the smooth boat and the whipping of the sails.  I feel the rope under my feet and the tip of the boat.  I see water all around me with a sliver of lush land ahead.  The sun warms my face and I swallow in the salty air.

I feel myself chasing the wind and taking in all the pleasures of smooth sailing, all the whilst I am comfortably sitting at my drawing table and illustrating that boat.  Most people are amazed at how much research I gather before I begin.  I guess it is like a compass rose and guides me, bringing me closer to my destination to drop anchor and draw or paint.
top image Andy Virgil
bottom two from Pinterest

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tania Vartan

I have asked my dear husband who works in the adjacent office building to hop next door to pick up a copy of this book signed by Tania Vartan whom I have long admired for her beauty and talent.  I will be at my daughter's first school soccer game today and it is times like these that I wish I could be in both places.

              The event is today- Tania Vartan:  A Memoir of the Decorative Arts  1970 to 2011
Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 
 5:30- 7:00 pm 
Rizzoli Bookstore 
31 West 57th Street.

Allow yourself a few moments to browse the site of Tania Vartan.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Today, together, my dear husband and I celebrate our twenty-fourth wedding anniversary.  This work of art says it so beautifully, a couple spending time together, eyes closed, reflecting on how fast time goes and looking for ways to savor more time.  As husband and wife, we are committed to love, to honor and to cherish one another.  Each day, I stop and think how lucky we are to have one another.

So honey, if you are reading this post today.  I cherish our time together.

vintage artwork by Andy Virgil

Saturday, September 24, 2011

mod counterpane

 As I prepare my home for the coming cooler nights I feel the desire to add a hand crafted mod counterpane to several beds.  The one above I found on etsy.
 Imagine waking up to this blaze of sunny yellows and oranges.
 The artist hand dyes the cotton.
Note the meticulous colored stitching.
love the reversibility factor.

Rainbows seem to be on the upswing.  I saw one the night of my daughter's back-to-school night.
What sort of mod bedding would you like to wrap yourself in.  

Friday, September 23, 2011

a new leaf -(lighting giveaway)

The leaves are still green here.
Ready to turn over or on a new leaf.
Today is the First day of Autumn.

A new leaf and a new light.

 As the light of day begins to dim a tad earlier, I am thinking of turning on some new lights.

Liggar Crystal Stems to light up a bouquet.

Pendant light with foliage.
 Valley Lighting is offering one of my readers a $25 towards a purchase.  Simple. Like Valley Lighting  on facebook, twitter and tell me what light would light up your life for a new leaf.
Click here to follow Valley Lighting.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sermo per Equus

Join J.McLaughlin for a cocktail reception celebrating Fashion & the Arts today from 6 - 8 at the Westport Store.  The "Sermo Per Equus" series of photographs by Bonnie Edelman will be on display amongst Autumn Fashions.  A percentage of the Event's proceeds will be donated to Pegasus Therapeutic Riding.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

kitchen sink

This morning has been very exciting around my home, lots of kitchen-sink drama.  The white glassos counters are now in place and I am truly beside myself.  I really love watching all these various craftsmen work. (not sure how they like me giving them the eye-ball)  Each and every one takes such pride in what they do.  Now for the faucet and soap dispenser.  All I need to use is windex, like the "Big Fat Greek Wedding" referenced for cleaning or taking care of most anything and everything!

I am so ready to use a few of my old friends from Simon Pierce along with my new kitchen sink.

white surfaces

White surfaces seem to be calling my name like large blank water color sheets.
Today, my new white glassos countertops will be installed in my kitchen.
I can hardly wait.  (insert scream)
I promise, I will share the big reveal soon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

lucky be a lady

Every dog has it's day.  I captured this precious sweet little lady and delivered her a few days ago to one of our pretty and lovely bloggers who has had more than her share of dog days.  We all know that the old proverbial saying that "Every dog has it's day" which literally means that everyone will have some form of luck in their lives.  Focusing on the love and luck creates newfound hope for another day and coming home to this love would make any pain go away.

Monday, September 19, 2011

monday motivation- mojo

black coffee 

I began drinking my coffee black several months ago.
What I thought would be harsh has actually been much smoother than I imagined.
Discipline can be motivating.  Doing without, making a sacrifice can be empowering.
Just that splash of milk, letting it go has a been freeing test of will power.
Less calories.  Less coffee to drink as one black cup seems decadent.

What is on your list to motivate you today.
Are you adding or trying to take away something to motivate you?

Happy Monday
pve design

Sunday, September 18, 2011

simple thoughts

 It always seems best thoughts are done in private.
or while I think about the next meal.
Somehow, Sunday is one day of the week that we try to keep simple thoughts on the table and prepare for a brand new week.  Loving these spaces over at The Brooklyn Home Company.  A company dedicated to artists and simple design.
Enjoy your Sunday.

pve design

Saturday, September 17, 2011

change in the air

There is a definite change in the air.  
Autumn hints hello. 
It is my most favorite time of year.
Although our leaves are still very green, the cool air beckons us to seek warmth.
  Indeed, this third season from September to November is one of my favorite seasons.
 The turning of the leaves, the spirit of thanks seems to remind us to connect with nature and reflect on the goodness in turn that it deserves.

Think of all the fullness and joy that awaits each of us.  
Perhaps sharing a crackly fire, a warm cup of soup or just a moment sitting under a canopy of nature and reflecting on one's thoughts to feel the abundance around each of us.  

“Setting aside time each day to become absorbed in just being- in the present moment, alone in nature, - will leave you refreshed and refocused. Like a pilgrim going to church, I go outdoors for the prayer that drawing and observing nature offer me. The primordial urge is to Become One, to flee to the arms of Nature, to draw dabbling ducks, preening geese, azalea blossoms, and silhouettes of great blue herons. Nothing spectacular, everything spectacular. The essential magic occurs when pencil meets paper and the eye really sees a tree. The Process of Seeing is what counts, not how good a drawing Is. Being A Witness brings a sense of belonging, of compassion, of responsibility.” -Clare Walker Leslie

I encourage each of you to find time to set aside time gathering your thoughts in nature.
Start an Autumn journal.  Draw. Paint. Photograph. Collect snippets of nature.
Even if you do not have time to be alone, take a friend outside to see the magic of change upon us.
How will you witness the change in the air and your sense of belonging to nature?
Does the change in the air motivate you?
pve design

top and middle image from pinterest and bottom from Clare Walker Leslie

Friday, September 16, 2011

flower school

How would you like to attend a flower school and learn to artfully arrange a beautiful bouquet like this?  These ladies always inspire my heart to take a class. They are so nice to send me e-mails and alert me to the next class.  Maybe I can attend this one. You do know all about "Little Flower School."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

all flap

Whilst doing a little pinning, I came across this precious image.  How can one not help but feel the joy of this penguin and this little lady.  I love finding things that make me smile and flap my wings. 
Go ahead and flap.  Did you know that penguins are all flap and no fly.
image from pinterest

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

lucky dog

Meet Snoopy.  He was my childhood dog.  During high school, I took oil painting lessons and shared my lessons with my Mother and this was the first painting that she did of Snoopy.  The last time I was home, I took a photo.  I adored Snoopy and this painting too.  My Mother raised seven of us, took care of countless animals, entertained, cooked and always seemed to find time to create.  I keep encouraging her to paint the way she encourages me.

I was in college when Snoopy left this planet to "doggie heaven" and I will never forget crying on the phone with my Mom.  I love this painting to remember what a sweet family dog he was and how much we all loved him.  I think Snoopy was one lucky dog.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

balancing act

Finding "balance" seems to be one area that we all crave.  As we all search for ways to carve out time for excerise, work, family, friends and more our life takes on more meaning.  What are some ways that you perfect your balancing act? 
illustration by pve design for sheridan road magazine

Monday, September 12, 2011

knit wit

Today is the first day back at knitting after a Summer hiatus.  I wonder if I shall remember how to knit?
I guess it is like getting on a bike.
Love this witty "knit" bowl to hold my yarn.
I found it on pinterest.

Friday, September 09, 2011

happy focus

I do not have a tattoo, but I rather like this temporary one.
After all it would serve as a reminder of what to focus on: happy.
September has always symbolized the start of a new year for me. The tape in my mind plays like this, work out more, eat better, meet deadlines and the constant strive for perfection does cause me to realize that the focus needs to circle around - happy.  Smile more. Laugh more and just be happy.

My heart aches for those that have been affected by the flooding or by the memories of September 11th.
Today we will attend the funeral of a remarkable woman of "104" years of living with a happy focus.
Will you promise me to focus on the happy this weekend?
Radiate joy! Promise.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

to the moon

One needs to have just the right chair in just the right salon to have just the right color and cut, wash and blow dry.  I found it.
Nirvana found at this swell salon.  The interiors are beautiful, staff delightfully down to earth and great service.
Cheers to the new Julius Michael Salon.
Whilst I have no desire to go to the moon, this salon is out of this world.Julius Michael

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


It is raining outside and the forecast calls for more rain.  As you may well already know, we have had our unfair share of rain and rivulets around here.  All I want to do is sit at this desk under the glow of that brass lamp in front of that marvelous metallic grass cloth with a good read or a gold marker and draw.  I seem to be drawn to metals and mineral shades.
image from pinterest.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

you are

You are loved just the way you are.
Our back-to-schoolers are off.
It is a new year of love and learning.
image from pam garrison

Monday, September 05, 2011

an honest day

I love knowing that I come from good stock.  The top image is my Grandma T.  She worked up until she was 93.  She loved work.  She raised nine children.  One of her nine, my Dad, Paul is in the 2nd photo and he also loved work.  I know he misses work but he is 84 now and we all shake our head and wonder how Grandma worked every day, standing on her feet and smiling.  She took a small break to eat a half a sandwich and a small coffee.  She would always tell me that "An honest days work never hurt anybody"
She would be proud to know that "Paul's Fruit Market" is going strong.  My Father started the business in 1945.

Today, honor this labor day and those around you who inspire you to work towards building your dream.  Sometimes the simplest message is to just be thankful for an honest day's work.

swell settee

 Let's all sit a spell on this swell settee on Labor Day and honor the American laborer who works hard for a living.
Do you have a sharp settee like this?
Happy Labor day to all you laborers.
Hope you have a day off, with your feet up.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

September morning

 September morning and the air already has provided a clear and fresh start for the day.
 A clean desk to begin to settle into and gather one's thoughts.
 A place to ponder.
A clean space to share a Saturday September morning.
Does September wake you up refreshed like it does me?
all images pinterest.