Thursday, June 30, 2011

go fish on etsy -giveaway

note-cards of this fish have been added to my etsy shop.
The original was snapped up by an interior designer for a home design tour.
The designer told me the colours were perfect for the room.
One of my goals when my home studio is completed is to create more original personal artwork.
Do you like fishing around on etsy?

Leave a comment and the winner will be selected to win 8 notes and seafoam envelopes.
Cards are blank inside for your note.
Winner announced Tuesday, July 5th.

love June

last week a box of dolce dreams arrived that I won
I love June.
I love etsy too.
Soft shimmery shades of pale look so pretty worn anytime of year but especially in June.
I love June and I cannot imagine that today is already June 30th.
Here are a few from etsy shop "love June."
Have you ever bought any fashions on etsy?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

rabbit hill cottage

Does your cottage or home have a name? I loved capturing this charming "Rabbit Hill Cottage" and the bunnies, "Thumper and Maxie" are looking for carrots. I decided to add a carrot wind sock by the front door and a black and white awning to the sun porch. This was an illustration won as part of a give-away and I cannot wait to hear how the cottage owner likes the artwork.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Often clients contact me long after they have moved with moving words telling me how happy they are to have the artwork. I really loved creating this work of art.
Well, I really love creating each one.
Don't you want to move right in this beautiful home?

Monday, June 27, 2011

monday mojo - time to paint

One of the very best art teachers that I ever had taught the importance of having the right art supplies all lined up and ready to go. She would say, if your supplies are taken care of and your palette is ready, then you can get down to business and paint. Nothing gets in the way of one's mojo more than that of not having the proper brush or paint. The same philosophy can be true for every profession. Having the right tools and supplies can be so liberating along with making time for art is so important.
The about image is a close-up of one of Cy Twombly's paintings and I adore the random marks and the freedom of the lines and the color.

This week, I am testing some new supplies and feeling incredibly motivated. I am also moving towards limiting the number of commissions that I take on as I am feeling the need to honor my own personal work. Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful for all the commissions but making time for art and space to paint for me has been on my motivational wish list.

Happy Monday to each of you. What are you making time for?

“Only put off until tomorrow, what you are willing to die left undone.” Pablo Picasso

Saturday, June 25, 2011

lovely things

I was going through a few old files the other day and came across this painting that I did for Anna, of Absolutely Beautiful Things. When I first entered the blogging arena, Anna was not only kind to me, but so inspirational. I painted this one in gouache of her "Mums" lovely table which I sent to her.
Now Anna Spiro will soon have an exciting new online shopping concept. Again, I am in awe of Anna and her love of absolutely beautiful things including a tiny obsession with all things pink.
Once my studio is complete, I anticipate having room to paint larger canvases full of finesse. I love knowing that collectively all over and under the world there is a love of gathering unique and absolutely beautiful things

Friday, June 24, 2011

happy tears

The other day, "The Gardener's Cottage" posted the artwork that I had sent to her and a message that she was thinking of ending her blog. She posted that my artwork made her cry happy tears.

Just when Janet thought that she had posted every square inch of her cottage and her crisp wardrobe of a list of 33 items, she was moved by the moving comments left for her to ponder her blog existence. I cried happy tears to know that Janet has decided to stay the course.

Do you ever cry happy tears? When was the last time you had a good happy cry?

Universal love

I will admit to suffering in certain social settings when the spotlight is on, so I think you can see that my sons inherited this from me. We as parents have not quite mastered the art of capturing a photo with both sets of eyes wide open, nor both smiles smiling. Well, grinning and bearing it are all apart of the attention one deserves when wearing a blue robe and funny cap.
Excuse the wrinkles, we were told specifically not to iron. Guess we would not want flames to be apart of the pomp and circumstance. The universe is yours gentlemen. Congratulations graduates.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

happy reminders

Just a reminder to spend your life with who makes you happy,
not who you have to impress.

Our twins graduated from high school and I think each day I will impart a quote for them to take to college. We can all use little happy reminders, right?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today is all about the graduates donning their cap-n-gowns tonight! Wishing all the seniors a wonderful ceremony this evening. My twin sons caps just happen to be blue with a blue and gold tassel. Signing off for a big celebration! Cheers to bright futures for each graduate.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer solstice

Today marks the longest day, the Summer Solstice and I am loving this Noguchi print. I would love it in a white glossy frame on the shortest or longest day. Enjoy Summer in the Garden on the first fridays at the Noguchi Museam.
Have a super Summer Solstice day ahead.

Monday, June 20, 2011

old gal

In an era obsessed with youth and all sorts of potions and injections there is something wonderful about an old gal who remains ageless and fun. On the outside, one might think this old gal is all about tradition. Step one foot inside and know that tradition can be tweaked and twisted to add a little ageless spunk.

This wonderful old gal was recently transformed by Valorie of Visual Vamp. Valorie recently asked if I might mind spreading the word that she is available to give your home a fresh vibe. Valorie has a great eye for keeping some old heirlooms and adding some new ones. To honor Valorie, this illustration is being sent to her. Perhaps she might have grown attached to this old gal or want her client to have a print. I am always thinking of ways to honor such talented blog souls.

House proud

Here is a recent "house proud" illustration that I finished and shall be sending off today. The owner of the house requested that I show what her home would look like with out the large tree and the larger middle bush blocking the window in the middle.
I also added a larger light fixture and a dormer in the front entry to open up the foyer and I do like things in threes. It is fun to see things in a before and after way in order to make decisions.
I have a few other "house proud" sketches that I am working on. This is the last week of school for one of my children and our twin sons graduate. It will be a week of endings and new beginnings. Lots to be proud of around here!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day game

Today is Father's Day and I think of the many men all over the world who have had the great fortune to be a Father. Many men provide great role models, coaches, teachers, leading young men by example and today I would like to pay tribute to all the Fathers. I captured this photo of our sons and their Varsity soccer team arm to arm after a fun "fundraising" game. I love knowing that these boys will one day in the future make great Fathers too.

Wishing all the Father's a Happy day full of fun and games.

Friday, June 17, 2011

humble abowed

Sent this artwork off, just yesterday.
loved working on this home knowing that the owners have been busy putting so much love into making it a "humble abowed" - Here is what Amanda sent me after the artwork arrived.

I received the painting today and I LOVE it!! It is even better than I imagined! I'm so excited. I'll have to find the perfect frame for it and then hang it. Thank you so much! You have been so wonderful to work with and I'm definitely going to recommend you to everyone. I'll share on my blog when I get it framed and hung, too.

I love taking snaps with my i-phone.
I like to look back at things I have worked on.
Sometimes it takes me longer than I like.
I stay humble with a list of work.

personal touch

I ordered a box of personalized note cards from Hayden Avery and the prettiest package arrived.
love my new personalized pve notecards.
perfect for summer notes.
staying in touch, sending a note of thanks, or a note with a house warming gift.
love the ribbon, the tissue and the personalized note from the shop owner.
I still love a personal touch in an often impersonal world.
How do you add your personal touch?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

sharp eyes

My sister Liz sent me one of her recent studies.
I love how the eyes say it all.
The powers of perception are all in one's eyes.
Please continue to keep my sister Liz in your thoughts, today is another surgery so my heart is with her. I thank each of you for your kind words and cards.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

platt pleasures

loving this collection of green bowls
As an artist, I not only admire other artist's work but I can always look at the pleasure not only in their faces but in their hands.
Pottery is her pleasure.
You can see it in her hands and her beautiful smile.

"I became a potter because I like the process and the product. I like the feel of clay when it is moist and malleable and when it resists what I want to do with it. I look for simple forms that are pleasing to the eye and touch and for glazes that enhance rather than compete with the function. I enjoy making things that have to do with food, its presentation, and the pleasure of eating."

Joan Platt makes stunning platters and one of a kind artful designs that are simply natural in form and in color.

I contacted Joan for an interview and she replied that "she did not know what a blog was as she is from another time." I am in hopes that you will take a look at Joan's work and then leave a comment for her. It would be my pleasure to share your comments. What would you like to know about Joan and her work? Perhaps your comments might entice her to delve into blog land! Can you tell me what would you like to have from Joan Platt's pottery line?

I love these large fish platters.
What a presentation they would make for serving and sharing a pleasurable meal.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

in the swim

I love little goldfish and round fishbowls.
pve design - oil painting of gold fish -sold June 19,2011
I have been testing and braving new waters.
Each day I allow myself to get in the swim, painting things that inspire me.
This is how it starts and then I just keep doing laps, with the paint and my brush - one stroke at a time.
Hope things are going along swimmingly for you all.

Monday, June 13, 2011

gray garden

My gray rock collection inspires me to add more gray to my life.
Gray is soothing.
There is something about gray in the garden that seems to be inspiring my every move.
The color of the wet rocks reminds me of these planters that I scored a few years ago.
Metal gray, zinc gray, stone gray
Sometimes they have plants and sometimes not.
These gray wire urns were found by my husband just last week.
Did I mention he has a great eye for beauty?
A dark gray basalt sink by stone forrest for a powder room.
It also comes in carrera.
The gray stacked fieldstone ready for stacking on a wall of my home.

As I post this color chip - Tuxedo gray is being painted on the soffit and facia of my home.
It looks a bit deeper than the chip, the gutters will be the same color.

I am trying to be daring and bold. After all, our addition is all about being brave.

The other contender was this color above, terratone.
Perhaps a safer color choice, but maybe too neutral.
It looks good on this home below.
My front railing is black, my home is white and the doors will be painted a rich color.
Dark gray looks good surrounded by a verdant paradise.
Gray also looks so elegant in a more urban setting.
Do you like gray in your garden?