Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Now that the holidays are over and we are all getting into the routine of life, I ask each of you to think about the coming year and the "keepsakes" in your world that you cherish.
For many of us, it is our home, a place to enjoy all the seasons and where we find comfort.
Is there a place or a season you are longing to keep an image of long after your visit or stay?
Perhaps a gift of art that serves as a memory for an experience shared?
A childhood home or a place you now call home.
Custom hand drawn illustrations last a lifetime and are a wonderful way to cherish the memory
of a special occasion.

I would love to hear all about your special place that you would like to have artwork to serve as a keepsake?
Custom, hand-drawn illustrations are an exceptional way to celebrate life's special moments and capture the very soul of each and every one.


Joyce said...

As you know I am one of your biggest fan and think all of your art pieces are keepsakes. I look at the one of Kelly often and it adds a smile to my day along with the others. Hugs and a golden day! xo

pve design said...

Thank-you dear friend for your comments and your positive spirits that remind me of living with an attitude of gratitude. I always love creating for fans!
I also love knowing that keepsakes live on -
Mr.Bo needs a custom "pve!"
happy day -

Unknown said...

You will be my first choice for a keepsake art work!!!

pve design said...

I can imagine a little keepsake of Venice or Tuscany framed - as a gift for one of your loved ones to serve as a lovely memory.

24 Corners said...

One day...when we're finally able to settle into this new house, without any disasters on the horizon...I'd be honored to have this home of ours 'remembered' by you.
xo J~

Susan McClaskey said...

At some point...(when, when, when???) I want Buttermilk Cottage in one of your pieces of art.

red ticking said...

we all agree... you are one in a million... each time i see your work i smile...

wishing you peace and happiness in this lovely new year... xx

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

Keepsakes indeed. I need to get pricing from you on your services!