Wednesday, January 26, 2011

smart and stylish

Style is a very simple way of saying complicated things" - Jean Coctea

I am pleased as punch to accept the "Stylish blogger Award" from these smart and stylish bloggers;
Buttermilk Blue Cottage

Seven stylish things about me, that you may not already know....
1. When in doubt - I resort back to black.
2. I adore rooms that have black accents, a black lampshade, a black stripe, a chunky black frame all add up to creating a couture salon sort of space.
3. Every woman needs to have a heroine, or a muse. I think Michelle Obama is the epitome of strength. This McQueen dress is just stunning, what an entrance.
4. All it takes is "one strong woman." (My Father has said this for years!)
...and every man needs one!
5. Every woman needs an essential, a classic white shirt, a strand of pearls, a scarf.

6. It's true, I love what I do.
7. Collections of family photos displayed mean the world to me, especially at other homes!
Thank-you. My two favorite words....they say so much.
I pass this award to these smart and stylish bloggers....I shall be back to link each of them.
All they have to do is share seven points that we may not already know!
Aspiring Kennedy
Bentley Waters
Deliciously Organized
Easy and Elegant Life
Summer is a verb
Melissa C. Morris


The Buzz Blog said...

Congratulations to a very stylish artist and friend!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Congrats! You are smart and stylish....nice to know a little more about PVE! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

pve design said...

The Buzz Ladies-
Thanks so much for your support....I am down to my last Diane James Home candle....need another dozen to have in my gift stash.
Stay warm!

I also wanted to let you know I completed 20 sessions with a fab trainer....

Joyce said...

You are one smart, stylish and created gal! I liked reading your list. xo

quintessence said...

Congratulations Patricia - you are stylish on paper and in spirit!! Loved your seven things!

Purple Flowers said...

Anyone can wear a fashionable item, it's style that endures.
You have style.

Melissa C Morris said...

congrats PVE - you are super stylish and i love your choices (esp the pearls!). thank you for the mention/link - very much appreciated!

Summer is a Verb said...

I feel so honored to be to be chosen by and included with such stylish women. Merci beaucoup mon ami...XXOO

ps...I'll need a week of brain wracking turn out something PVE worthy ♥

SnackQueen15 said...

great list! congrats! well deserved!

I Dream Of said...

Congratulations, and such a fabulous list. So fun to learn more about blog friends! XO
PS-Totally agree about the Mrs. O and the McQueen!

Southern Lady said...

Congrats on the award. I feel that I know you a little better now. Carla

Anonymous said...

congratulations on you award!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations, PVE. You are indeed stylish and itis great visiting with you every day.
Best wishes,

pve design said...

Thanks so much to each of you for your comments...just finished reading an article, seems Oscar de la Renta was upset that Michelle Obama did not choose an Oscar!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

That is a truly smart and stylish post. Which isn't in the least surprising; especially knowing the source.

Congratulations and many thanks for including me in such august company. I'll try and live up to your example.

Unknown said...

Here is to my ever stylish blogger friend!
Yes, smart and stylish!


the gardener's cottage said...

congratulations patricia and i think mrs obama is stunning also.

and you of course are quite stylish too.


Unknown said...

Congrats Patricia, I love your style too!

xo Mary Jo

mimi charmante said...

*LOVE* the black dress photo - every girl needs a simple but fabulous black dress!

Unknown said...


Great way to start the new year is sharing a bit about oneself. Congrats! Happy to learn more about you thanks!


Unknown said...

Congratulations ... it's nice to be loved, isn't it? By the way, I have been a reader, now I am your new follower but I show up as just a shadow of a 'man' (what is wrong with GFC?) Love your blog! Sherri

Nelle Somerville said...

Love this and knew you had been tagged or would have tagged you today on SHF. Feel like I'm catching up on "reading my favorites" and missing you. xoxo

CREED said...

Congrats - smart and stylish and super talented, well deserved! I found myself nodding in complete agreement to everything on your list. : )

bentley said...

Oh MY - THANK YOU! I'm beyond honored. XO