Friday, January 07, 2011

lulalina (giveaway)

artwork by pve, created for lulalina, "pat and lexie"
Meet "Lulalina" and return to the niceties of life where the art of the handwritten note has a place of honor and respect. One immediately has the feeling of stepping back in time into a virtual small shop with lovely hand-made notes and inkwells filled in crystal bottles. Pat creates the most wonderful cards and designs for special occasions at Lulalina.

Pat creates, with her well mannered dog Lexie at her side ~ welcoming you to "return to the niceties of life." Take a look at "Lulalina" and kindly leave a civilied comment for Pat below and in return, one random winner shall be selected to win this lovely book "The Art of the Handwritten Note" by Margaret Shepherd. Pat has also graciously offered one box of notes.
Winner announced on Monday morning. Leave a comment by Midnight Sunday - Jan 9, 2011.

Pardon me while I return to the niceties of life and write a few thank-you notes on my lovely "lulalina" cards.


Felicity said...

Lulalina is a truly lovely space, thank you to Pat for creating it.

I was taught by my Mother to always send a handwritten thank you note if I had visited someone or received a gift and continue to do so.

It is more difficult to persuade the young ones in my home that this is necessary but they always give sincere thanks with a smile which is probably just as nice.

Felicity x

Unknown said...

Pick me! I want to return to this world!:)

pve design said...

Thank-you. Pat will be delighted by your comment!

I have a note ready for my children to "thank" the Grandparents for the Christmas envelopes. It is so important to give thanks, at any age

pve design said...

ha ha ha, you always have the nicest and most clever comments.

Purple Flowers said...

There is a pleasure in hand writing a note or letter. Instead of purchasing a Hallmark card, I enjoy writing on my monogrammed (PVE design) notecards.
I would love to have this book to help me improve my writing skills. There are those occasions whereby I don't quite know "how to say it".

pve design said...

Purple Flowers,
A dear friend taught me that fresh flowers and just a card can make one's day much brighter.
As always your words and kindness come straight through in every comment. I appreciate your sincerity.
Thrilled you love your (pve) mongram cards.

The Buzz Blog said...

These cards are some of the prettiest I've seen and since saying Thank You more often is one of my resolutions, I'm off to buy the wheel borrow with flowers notes! Winning the book would be icing on the cake... Happy Snow Day!

Gooseberry Beach said...

I love Lula! Thanks for helping me re-discover her work!

Dana said...

I could not agree more about the importance of a handwritten note.

Thanks for introducing us to Pat and Lulalina!

Fingers crossed that I will win!!

Have a fun weekend.

quintessence said...

This is a girl after my own heart! I could have written her about me section - love the Nolan Bushnell quote and everything else she has singled out - fall, Ella Fitzgerald, french fries, her favorite weather and food choices. We only differ on her love of chocolate - salt girl here! Not to mention her lovely products, services and concept!

I Dream Of said...

Lulalina is beautiful! I hope that as our world gets faster, more and more people will look for little ways to recreate little "grace notes" like this...which reminds me that my Christmas thank yous are a bit overdue! XO

Joyce said...

I went to peek and already made her a favorite on ETSY and following her blog. Pat is my kind of gal! Thank you for sharing my friend. I also love your illustration too! xo


Lulalina is genius !

Emily said...

I love the whimsy that you bring to your illustrations! They are the best.

A Perfect Gray said...

patricia, thanks so much for your kind comment. I really appreciate your taking the time to write me...

It's a treat to be back visiting here. I look forward to a return to blogging and to friends!

happy new year and thanks again! love, donna

Pat McIntosh said...

Thank you Patricia for such kind words, to wake up to all these wonderful comments is such a great way to start the day. I have left a new post on my blog directing readers here for the wonderful give away and to see the rest of your amazing work. I have added a box of Lulalina note cards to the give away, so let me know who wins and where to send them. Thank you again!

Coleen said...

I have been a fan of Lulalina for a while now. I have ordered several of her cards. They are not only look beautiful they are made with quality paper and products. They are suitable for framing. pve really captured the essence of her style. I wish Pat much success.

Unknown said...

I always try to reach this world!
Writing thank you notes is something I had to learn, there is no such custom in Germany. You thank verbally. Unless you need to travel too far to do so.
I love to write a nice card.
This book would certainly help my skills along!


Formerly known as Frau said...

So pretty! I love receiving hand written notes....but to write them myself...painful my handwriting has gone out the door! Have a wonderful weekend! said...

so pretty. I love notecards and paper products. I also do believe in sending handwritten thank you notes. Love your artwork!


Unknown said...

What a feast for the eyes! The chandelier invitation and the shoe note cards - be still my heart.

I love receiving a hand written note. I'm behind on writing my own lately!!!

Unknown said...

I still love sending handwritten notes and it's amazing how much people seem to love getting them {I know I do}. I would love to read this book!

xo Mary Jo

kait said...

i randomly send out postcards to friends living far away... but one of these beautiful cards would be so much prettier! :)

Kate Nyquist said...

i am a new follower to your blog (and a new blogger myself :) and would love to be entered in your giveaway! Kate :)

Kate Nyquist said...

oh these cards are just gorgeous! i love having a nice stash of cards to send to friends. Kate :)