Friday, January 28, 2011


pve design - illustration for Sheridan Road Magazine
I have always been full of fascination with words that mark a time and place and elevate an object. A "valise" sounds so much more elegant than compared with the title of "suitcase."
Do you have a weekend valise at the ready for weekend escapes? I am ready for an escape somewhere warm after all this snow!


I Dream Of said...

Oh, I completely agree - valise is much more elegant and calls to mind a steamer ship or the Orient Express. I'm escaping to the comfort of my own home this weekend. Looking forward to a little relaxation. I'm hope that you are staying warm! XO

Purple Flowers said...

My most recent post has me day dreaming of sun and sand. I have a bag at the ready.
I prefer the word "valise" - it sounds more sophisticated.
Wishing you a nice weekend!

Karena said...

It is an elegant word and I miss using some of those old world expressions!

Patricia I think everyone wants to get away right now!

Art by Karena

pve design said...

Like the words on the Harpers - Warhol work we spotted in NY - I am all about looking at life through a rose colored lens....or maybe a "green" one.
Hope you are well and that your projects are taking shape.

Grabbing my shades....and my valise...

Yes, old guard worlds harken to a gentler - kinder society.

the gardener's cottage said...

hi patricia,

i am indeed packing my weekend valise this morning for a trip to sin city, las vegas. i only wish my packing lived up to your gorgeous drawing. try to stay warm.


Moments and Impressions said...

I love "pretty" words. You make me want to back a valise and head for someplace nice.

Joyce said...

As long as I have a warm fire and a warm cup beverage I'm there in mind and spirit already. xo

the gardener's cottage said...

dear patricia,

i borrowed your drawing this morning with credit back to you of course. i hope this is ok. if not just tell me and i'll yank it.


Heather said...

I am with you. ready to pack my valise with flip flops and a bikin! no more snow! cute illo!

Heather said...

hi - aren't those roses, awesome? I live in NJ ( in the burbs, just outside the city) ...yes, would be fun to meet. i love your work! we could draw together, that would be fun! xo

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

So much classier!

jenna marie said...

Just saying valise makes me want to pack up and head somewhere chic. Your blog is so, SO fun, glad I came across it today!

Debra said...

I'm just now unpacking my valise from a sunny get-away. Just six days- but what a nice break from snow and cold weather. Raring to go now! xox

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh I love a valise! It's my much preferred “carry case” moniker for sure. I went on a weekend escape this past weekend. And guess what? It SNOWED.