Tuesday, June 22, 2010


image by Picasso
Whenever I teach a student art lessons, I always include this painting in one of my lessons. I ask them what they see? Can you tell me what do you see? What lessons are you learning or planning to learn?


Debra said...

One is the giver~ and one the receiver! It's like that, isn't it? This is one of my favorites-I love the simplicity of the image and the meaning-whatever one might see.

Tonia Lee Smith said...

HUmmmm, After sitting thinking here like Debra has said, one is a giver and the other is the receiver. I can't imagine anything else, from this drawing. I'll have to study more, to see what I come up with.

pve design said...

the subtleties lie in not knowing which is the giver or the recipient of such pretty flowers. I always love to see the reaction of students when we look at it closely and try to decipher - in the end both feel the joy that a simple bouquet can bring to both hands~

next time you are the giver or the recipient of such a lovely bouquet, you shall be reminded of this painting and the joy of flowers and art!

home before dark said...

Expressed with ease, often hard to do. I'm learning today acceptance as I am hiring help in the back part of the garden I built with such young enthusiasm and now is a bit of a challenge with my recently torn rotator cuff and rehabbing foot surgery. At 60, I suspect this is just the beginning. Long sighhhhhh.

Southern Lady said...

I instantly see myself as a child giving my grandmother a handfull of flowers (weeds). Love the panting. Carla

Kwana said...

I see 2 hands holding flowers. One giving and one receiving too.

Karena said...

Friendship, simplicity, beauty, love, sharing.

A Picasso favorite as well as his very simple Peace Dove!

Art by Karena

Unknown said...

Interesting. I see it as a coming together....it seems to me there are more than 2 people holding on to this arrangement. And the flowers seem like suns to me...and it seems like wheat instead of stems. So.....sharing/coming together. Funny, here I am...and the Picasso Museum is closed for renovations! I believe his paintings are at the Moma ---so I guess I'll see him when i get home! xo

Jessica said...

I too see it as little colorful suns and sprigs of wheat mingled with a few weeds. I've never thought this was a give & take kinda piece. For some reason it always seemed to look like a haphazard & loosely gathered bunch of stems being held by a child.

Unknown said...

Spredding sunshine from one to the other! Picasso is such a master of reducing it to essential symbols without loosing the beauty of it all!

pve design said...

Thanks to each of you for commenting on Picasso's artwork here. I love the fact that the hands holding the flowers are simple lines, and that the flowers are the focus. Next time you bring a bunch of fresh cut flowers, watch the hands that want to hold them.
There is something magical about flowers in our hands.