Thursday, June 03, 2010

vital signs

I am a firm believer that signs are there for each of us, if we only stop long enough to look around. A few weeks ago, my daughter had a dance recital in a school miles away, and there it was, staring at me - a sign telling me to "Live Well."

The students had made this fabulous collage with buttons and I admired it not only for the fantastic colors but also for the lovely words. One message to you, is to live well, you owe it to yourself.

My list for living well;
Living with energy
Eating fresh
Playing tennis
Connecting with nature
Creating my artwork
Being with those I love, my family and friends.
Sharing my love for art and living well with others.
Enjoying water or herbal tea
Breathing fresh air

What sort of vital signs are important to you, to "live well" - care to share?


Formerly known as Frau said...

I love the sign and your list is perfect ....I would change art cause I have zero talent there and add photography daily. Gorgeous day here just got back from a bike ride...ate a few bugs.....I think they call that protein! Happy Thursday Pve!

pve design said...

so how many days before you land in the USA?

Debra said...

All of the above and plenty of sleep. Sleep and rest is keys to overall well-being! Hope you are enjoying your raw week- it is so good and so good for us- a cleanse of sorts really. I made a huge batch of gazpacho with organic veggies and am living off it this week. Have a great day PvE.

pve design said...

yes, indeed, sleep and rest are vital to my well being!
I shall add that to the list.

Kwana said...

Very good sign. Now why didn't I notice it? LOL. Thanks for the reminder.

Unknown said...

Keeping a clear mind and a soft heart.

Unknown said...

As you know Yoga is high on my list.

But, I also need "quiet time". Most people think of me as an extrovert...but I really need to recharge with solo time.

Music: acoustic guitar is my calm

Scents: perfume, candles....I must have a sensitive nose

Last, but most definitely not last - time with family & friends!

Deidra said...

Great list! I must do more yoga. I've let that slip away...

Ivy Lane said...

Lately, "signs" have been all around me.. my "list" would include: balancing work and family time, spending more time with my hubby, being able to forgive, keeping up with my daily ( well..make it daily) excercise...staying "worry-free"

Thanks for this great reminder!!!

Julie said...

Humm - horse whiskers, puppy breath, riding sidesaddle at our farm. Picking fresh fruit and vegtables I have grown holding them in the drapes of my skirt...



Wonderful sign ! Everything you've said and definately sleep or at least rest - much under valued.

deliciously organized said...

I think you nailed it in your list. And I agree, there are signs all over the place, we just have to take the time to notice them :)