Friday, June 25, 2010

she sells sea shells

J.McLaughlin's newest shop located in Sea Island, Georgia
pve design illustration
As a child, I have fond memories of a few trips to the beaches of the Carolina's and shopping little shops with my Mother and Aunt. Do you remember those little shops full of crafty shells, ladies in shell dresses. I would love a little shop to sell artful creations and souvenirs here.
I would have clean crisp paintings and always something fun on display.
Welcome to my "virtual" sea side cottage with my studio on the left, lots of natural light and natural beauty all around me.
Notice, I love clean lines.

Although I have never been to Sea Island, I would love to have a spot like this with this entrance.
This would be my art studio, lots of white, lots of light and a chandelier. I could easily transform the space for dinner parties. Nothing like a fire with the doors open for fresh cool air.
I could prepare dinners here in this lovely kitchen.
What sort of spot would you own and what would you sell in your Island shop?


Karena said...

Patricia it is so you! Of course with your art up on the walls!!

Art by Karena

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

Oh I would love a small quaint store with fun home items and art work sprinkled around.
That kitchen in your post is perfect BTW!

pve design said...

I really had not a clue when I looked at that home...and the clean, so crisp.

I could see your small quaint shop now.
Yes, that kitchen is wonderful as well as efficient.

LindsB said...

That house is amazing! The gray cabinets had me at hello :)

ann said...

I dream of a clean lined, bright, inspiring studio as well. Hmmmm. maybe someday!

annechovie said...

Hmm, this place is so charming. Love all the white and stucco - I could go for something very similar. Have a great wknd, PVE! xx

style chronicle said...

Sea Island is dreamy! It is the quintessential southern beach community. You would love it there. The Live Oaks and Spanish Moss are divine.

Kelley said...

I love your painting and your ideas for an island shop. I've always wanted a beach house, somewhere where I would have an excuse to display my sea shell collection. :)

Barbara von Enger said...

Quaint charming kitchens; I adore them. Love the grey cabinets and art works. Have a nice weekend;-)

Unknown said...

i absolutely adore your illustration! sea island is one of my favorite places we've ever vacationed. we went for the fourth of july one year and it was unforgettable! i'd be first in line at that little shop of yours :)

Hello Lover... said...

That home is stunning - I love all that gray - the kitchen is so clean lined and gorgeous!