Saturday, June 05, 2010


Just 3 days of eating raw veggies and fruits and drinking elixirs of juices composed of vegetables, celery, cucumber, carrot, beet, parsley, kale - I wanted to share some of my after glow list with you. My daily ritual was really easy, just planning and preparing, stocking up on organic veggies and fruits and raw ingredients.
(No dairy, no caffeine, no alcohol, no meat, chicken or fish and no carbs and no sugar.)

Less redness in skin
Lost weight
More energy
Slept like a baby
Increase in alertness
Taste buds intensified
Sense of smell heightened
More open
Stronger will power
Increase in focus
Accomplishing more

Would you like a list of changes to occur simply by the choices you make? Well, you can!
I suggest you have someone to hold you accountable, as one can easily make the wrong choices.
If you are feeling sluggish, and feel the need to start fresh, I suggest working with this wonderful holistic nutritional guide. Having a daily ritual, a list, and an intent prior to your start will no doubt produce miracles. You owe it to yourself to radiate light, love and to be a "wholesome you!"

(of course, one should always check with their health professional first, and I am not paid to advertise wholesome you)


Heather said...

Good for you! It sounds great, but I think I"d be starving...were you? Do you have an outline of what you did?

Tonia Lee Smith said...

Yes, that's what juicing will do for you, especially if your doing a lot of greens with it as well. I might have to dust my juicer off. I haven't used it in a log while.

Debra said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying this. I bet you'll integrate this into your eating-for-life plan!
This is such a great time of year to do this cleanse-summer's fresh and local fruits and veggies make it so easy- not so in the middle of winter. Let's talk more about this-I have some great recipes to share if you're ever interested.

pve design said...

not starving in the least. It is really wonderful.
I would be happy to share with you, I know you live in the same county? We could meet.

Dust off that juicer or sell it and make some extra cash girl to be one of my sponsors!! tee hee-

I know you have such wonderful recipes and might I add that you are my inspiration. What I thought would be a challenge was truly all a choice for the best me. Love more of your secret recipes!

Dana said...

I would love to get your recipes, as well as Debra's! I have been working hard on this too, but find I cannot give up my morning decaf. I do not drink caffeine. Suggestions? :)
Your list is very inspiring!! I am noticing a lot of these benefits as well.

Unknown said...

In addition to the real fruits and greens are you also taking any
greens powders (wheatgrass, etc.)
It's hard to believe you could get any more productive than you are, Ms. PVE.
It's a real challenge to eat raw
How did you find out about the
Health Counselor (I stopped by her
Best wishes,

pve design said...

Saufung, the health guide and guru, is my yoga teacher and I can walk to her home....she began teaching here and then moved here. Lucky me.
She is amazing. I feel much younger and more alive.
Like Saufung says, it is all choice -

pve design said...

yes, wheatgrass, raw hemp, calcium tabs, spirulina and lots of herbs.

Dana said...

pve~thanks for your suggestions on my blog. It is the smell and taste I love about my morning cup (or two) of decaf coffee, and so much a part of my morning route, that I find I don't want to give it up ...but know I should.
I will contact your nutritionist. Thanks so much for the info and link!!
Have a beautiful, heatlhy weekend!

Unknown said...

Patricia, you've convinced me! I think since we share Saufang for our yoga, I might jump on board and do the raw food cleansing as well! I will get a head start talking to you!
Giving up coffee and alcohol is not at all hard for me, I take little of both to begin with!
It's the sugar I will miss for a little while...

Much love!

PS: Mademoiselle Chambon is still on my mind!

Kwana said...

You are such an inspiration and it's great how you stick to the plan even on the go. Such willpower.

Marnie said...

i started a new regimen 5 days ago - 4lbs down - feel good - frequent, small meals, inspried by the book slow love by nicole browning - plan to stay on this regimen for one month - it isn't hard either. don't even miss my icecream cones!

vicki archer said...

Well done you Patricia....I am going to try and follow your lead. Very inspirational, xv.

Karena said...

I know this is something that would be great for me, and can tell it has done wonders for you Paticia!!

Art by Karena

24 Corners said...

You are motivating me greatly!!! After several weeks of getting ready for our move, we've lived on chinese, thai, pizza and cereal, I'm sure our bodies would thank us endlessly if we did this type of a cleanse.

You are so helpful and such an inspiration...thank you!

Hello Lover... said...

You're really making me want to try this.

Marija said...

I have no doubt this is life changing. Hoping you'll share some of your favorite recipes for those of us so curious and contemplating jumping on board. How was the your first weekend?!

Splenderosa said...

I am so happy to have read this!!
You've given me inspiration and a new goal. This is wonderful for you and you must be so proud of yourself to stick to it. xx's

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

yes, i'm wioth marija - would love to see more on this and the day to day how-to's.

i think this is a mute question - but is a glass of bubbles completely out of the equation??


Anonymous said...

I really should consider this. It sounds amazing!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I have recently cut my carbs down to almost nil, and I'm feeling wonderful. I've always been a raw vegetable and fruit girl who loves fish, so that part is easy for me. And really, I haven't missed the carbs at all. I no longer feel like my bum is following me around.

kayce hughes said...

I have been thinking of doing something like this but haven't found a guide so I am excited to check it out.