Thursday, June 24, 2010

web to web

Good Manners are universal skills.
Good posture, standing tall, smiling, making eye-contact, listening,
and a proper hand-shake will surely give an ever-lasting first impression.
Our visitor shared so many good tips yesterday at our Ardsley Middle School.
"Web-to-web" was a tip for the proper hand-shake!
I thought about this all day, and then as I said good night to my daughter, she had to tell me,
"Web to web" is the proper hand-shake.
I rather like that term, so from my web to your web from this world wide web, I wish you a good day, full of good manners.
Stand tall, respect yourself and those around you, smile, shake hands, listen and know that social customs are alive and well from "web to web."

What good manners or social customs are you most proud of?

vintage books found here.


Debra said...

I am a stickler for good table manners! It is beyond important to start young. Good table manners will follow you for the rest of your life! I thank my Mother now for sending us to 'classes' every Saturday! I don't politely pardon poor manners-that's up to the individual...that would be~ poor manners.

Mindy Lockard Etiquette said...

Patricia, I love that book! Is that the one your mother gave to you?

You and that darling daughter of yours have made my day! It's more than rewarding for me when students take away little gems that they use and share.

Thank you for a wonderful trip and two beautiful posts! I am most thankful this "web" has brought us together!

style chronicle said...

Good manners are hard to come by these days especially with all the new technology. I had dinner with two young girls one night who texted at the table throughout the meal. When their mother asked them who they were talking to they looked up in unison, giggled and said "eachother!" So here is to firm handshakes, solid eye contact and no texting at the table!!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I wish there would be a 'good manners' revolution. Etiquette has become a rare form in this 'me' society. For me and my 4 children I've raised it's holding doors open for strangers, being kind, proper table etiquette & yes, a good, solid hand-shake! Allowing someone who looks like they would benefit from the seat I'm sitting in have mine. Much food for thought Patricia and always good to be reminded!
Thank you ~

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

Manners are something we are drilling into our boys (2 & 4)...they might think we are being stubborn or just ignoring them when they do not receive what they ask for without a please or thank you.
I do adore when my older son tells our younger one 'Don't talk with your mouth full, that's not nice Myles.' Cracks me up every time.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting her link yesterday! I love good manners!

Catherine said...

Good manners are such a statement of graciousness and respect towards others. One of my sticklers is to always stand when someone you're meeting walks into the room.

Elizabeth Howard said...

I couldn't agree more! Mindy is a dear friend of mine and I am so glad that she could come speak to your middle school students. I know they will benefit from her information for the rest of their lives!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I am most proud that my monkeys know how to eat with a knife and fork and have been doing this since they were toddlers- A man with good table manners is a MUST.

Jenny at LGN said...

What a sweet post, Patricia! It sounds like I can rest assured that Westchester schools will work for our family!



this is all soooo true. Good manners will get you everywhere

Purple Flowers said...

Good manners should be a critical part of society and its practices. Imagine a society without the arts and manners? I prefer not.
My parents performed a great service to their four children by instilling the need for manners. We never forgot them.
Great post.

Summer is a Verb said...

Web to web. I will take that to my grave! XXOO

Janet said...

Saying thank you! A simple thank you note is the easiest thing to write, and it always makes an impression. I can't tell you how many wedding gifts I have given, never to have them acknowledged.

Maman de trois petit rois said...

great! you know I am a huge fan of manners!

Millie said...

I must have done something right with my boys Patricia. We were invited to dinner recently at the 2youngest boys new 'pad' & I was bowled over to see the ketchup decanted from the plastic bottle into a little china container & placed carefully onto the table. I cried tears of joy for the rest of the night.
Millie ^_^

pve design said...

Oh, I would cry too! (tears of sweet pride)
Good job to you- your son sounds like a keeper.