Sunday, June 13, 2010

at the ocean

A memory for a Mother carrying her twins, walking along the shore. A keepsake of a fleeting moment with wee tots and a special vacation at the ocean. What sorts of memories are you making this summer? Any plans for walks at the beach?


Moments and Impressions said...

what an amazing way to preserve a memory... beautiful.

this will be a summer of many firsts for my daughter and I can't wait

Karena said...

Soon Patricia, hopefully very soon!

Art by Karena

Debra said...

Yes! Two trips planned! Solitary walks along the beach are a favorite past-time of mine. Such a sweet illusration for some lucky Mommy!

Purple Flowers said...

Yes, a trip planned for the July 4 weekend, along the shore line of MA.

Also, a trip to the city of Phila. for a Renoir exhibit.
That is my exciting summer to look forward to.
Lovely painting Patricia!

Helen Young said...

What a great memory for the family! We just back from a much needed week at the beach. Managed not to get too sunburned and we and the kids had a ball. There is something completely restorative about the sights and sounds of the ocean. It doesn't get any better than early morning walks on the beach....

pve design said...

How sweet to live looking forward to firsts.

I do hope you get to the beach or some body of water this summer!

Two! Lovely! Enjoy your quiet moments with the dance of the waves.

Oh - how wonderful - a trip to see the Renoir show, do tell us all about it. Happy Summer.

You so deserved a break at the beach.
Welcome home.


WONDERFUL ! I wish there was a beach near me - or even a bit of sun !

Kwana said...

I love a nice walk on the beach. I need to plan one soon.

Unknown said...

Good afternoon, Ms. PVE,
Wonderful illustration.
Planning a walk in the very near future.

Unknown said...

I am hopeful to discover some beaches in Italy, even though we are not at the beach! But we might plan some trip to the Adriatic Sea!

You are a master at capturing those lovely moments! very sweet!


Southern Lady said...

My parents own a house at the beach, so we usually spend a lot of time there during the summer. We will take several long weekends and at least one full week this summer. I love the easy days at the coast. Carla

Unknown said...

Beautiful drawing!!! I'm starting to hit "panic mode" as I realized we are leaving Friday afternoon for Paris and still so much to plan/coordinate. I broke down and made a slim notebook for myself....just getting organized is helping calm the nerves. SO EXCITED!!

René said...

Precious. I'm wondering is this you with your twins? Those are the moments we treasure. Hoping your weekend was pleasant.

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

this is darling!


Hamptontoes said...

Again, a lovley piece of artwork that is rich wiht a story! Just read your comment about my closets. Yes, I do all my own wallpapering (only in my home, never in a client's) and yes, I'll do a tutorial for you if you'd like!

bluehydrangea said...

Love the note cards!! And yes, I plan to spend as much time at the beach as possible. Luckily I live about 7 miles from the ocean..easy and fun entertain for my kids, and me!!!

deliciously organized said...

We are going to Lake Tahoe this summer. I can't wait to walk on the beach there. I miss it.