Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Michael Mao - White nights 24 x 30
Feeling foggy after a three day weekend. Love to stay in bed or take a nap.
Upon awakening this first morning of June, to a thick fog, I thought this image captured it perfectly.

Welcome June. June is traditionally the month for new beginnings as well as endings of school around here.

In essence, this image shows the exact shape of my dress. There was no lace, just plain and simple. I tried on those frothy concoctions full of lace and tulle, but in the end, sketched, and designed what was me. Now there is this vintage wedding dress company that has me once again, falling in love, and then there is our very own LEB who is in the midst of planning her wedding.

What sort of tips or advice would you impart to a bride?


Formerly known as Frau said...

Sorry you are having a foggy morning! Sun is finally showing it's face here. Advice for a bride....remember he is your best friend..never talk ill of him to anyone. Always say I love you and work on your marriage everyday, it's not always a honeymoon. Marriage is worth the hard work, rewards are a life time. Happy Tuesday PVE.

Anonymous said...

I am a bit foggy as well. Lots of coffee this morning. Advice for the bride, don't worry so much about the wedding day itself, it goes by so fast. Try to take a moment to look around and think about why you're there and treasure the words and looks that you share with your spouse. Those are the things you'll remember.

Unknown said...

Can't think of much on advice at the moment...as I too am in a post holiday weekend brain fog!

Southern Lady said...

Advice for a bride... make your wedding your own. Don't worry about what others may think you should do. If it will make you happy...do it no matter what the rules may say. Carla

Mrs. Blandings said...

Record your rehearsal dinner. Wedding, smedding. At your rehearsal dinner your best friends in the world stand up and speak about you and your husband and your friendships. That is something I wish I could sit down and watch again and again.

Kwana said...

I totally understand that foggy feeling today. I have a bit of it. As for advice for a bride: Breathe and take it slow and know that each day has challenges and to look for the joy too.

Unknown said...

The flowers will fade quickly, but the photos are forever. Get the MOST fabulous photographer you can - you will never regret it!

....and the sun just came out! :)

home before dark said...

Always follow your heart.

pve design said...

literally there was a thick fog but now it has lifted, leaving a light humid air, sultry, balmy breeze- perfect for a nap in my hammock.
Naps make a marriage and all that hard work, priceless.

Mrs. C-
Yes, indeed, the hours fly by, that is why we must live in the present. My husband still defers to me, "Dear, now who gave us this?" I have such a photographic mind, I remember every minute, every gift and names, not so good at.

Wondering what your wedding dress looked like?

Southern Lady-
Yes, an authentic bride and groom make the wedding unique and much more personal.

Mrs. Blandings-
love to see your rehearsal dress and your wedding dress too-

Visual Vamp said...

Your brain is far from foggy!
Thanks for the pillow idea - I added it to the updated post.
xo xo

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Oh, I agree with the comment recommending you get the best photographer...I have virtually no photos from my wedding by failing to do this very thing.