Thursday, January 31, 2013

pve design - art tote

 I came up with a good system for toting my art supplies around and every so often find an update on my art tote.  These are just a few totes to inspire you.
Having everything at the ready sure does make it easier to bring things to a job or with me when I travel.  Many totes can be found on line at art supply or hardware stores.

A tote full of art supplies makes a great gift for artists too.  Love to know what your tote would hold?
If you have a passion or hobby, why not dedicate a tote to it?  Gardening, make-up, knitting, cooking, cleaning, writing, painting, personal trainer gear?  Is there a skill or talent you have that you need to devote yourself to and create a business around doing what you love?  Start with a tote and this will help you to see everything in one place.


Karena said...

Patricia the first tote is wonderful, Normally I carry my art supplies for oil painting in a plastic tote with handle (not too exciting.) However since I am using watercolors in rehab I have a tote with pockets and that will hold the Palette, pads of watercolor, brushes, and some smaller sized arches paper etc.

Love and hugs,

Art by Karena

pve design said...

I do hope that your rehab and PT are all making you stronger than before. I love the idea that watercolors serves as another form of therapy.
As always, thank-you for your kind comments.

Louise @ INGREDIENTS said...

Hi Patricia,
I have been following your blog for quite a while but this is my first time commenting - thank you so much for sharing these. I have piles of arts and craft supplies scattered about the house and a tote would be perfect for organizing everything. Thanks also for your lovely blog, I enjoy every post!
All the best,

pve design said...

Wonderful that you have been following my blog and that this is your first time commenting. Thanks so much. It is a great way to gather and organize what you have so it makes it easy to work in a systematic way.

Joyce said...

I have the second tote. I love it.

labergerebasque said...

love the cloth one…and the idea of always being ready. maybe it will make me braver :)

BRASWELL said...

I like the first tote are so organized, wish I could be more of an organized person! ah well!

Orlando Designs said...

Love the tote on the top!