Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This week seems to be full of delays.  Sunday, my flight was delayed due to traffic and well the weather.  We did take off after waiting a few hours from the original departure time.  Monday, my mother's surgery was delayed a few hours.  Yes, the surgery finally did occur.  Tuesday, was delay free but today we have a ground cover of snow so the start of school is delayed a few hours.

I thought this wonderful work of art by Diebenkorn depicted "delay" or "waiting" so nicely.  I can feel the emotion, the standing still of time, the waiting for an outcome or next move.  How do you handle delays?  Do you take that time to enjoy the added hours or does it mess up your plans?  I always take it as time to think.


Acquired Objects said...

I take delays as a time to stop and relax I can't do anything about the delays so might as well. I don't stop often so delays make me stop. I hope your Mom is doing well Patricia.


pve design said...

Yes, delays force us all to stop. So do health issues and taking care of our parents. Thanks so much, My Mom is such a spirited lady. I think we all have to "fight" for life and give it our best to show up on time, no matter the delay or wait. Patience is a virtue.

Unknown said...

I must admit, I don't always appreciate delays, but today's delayed school opening came as welcome news. A little slower morning with my boys.

I do hope your mother is recovering well from her surgery and that there is no delay in her healing!
xoxo Elizabeth

Purple Flowers said...

When there's a delay of sorts, instead of making it a negative, I daydream.

The Buzz Blog said...

We not only had a delay, we had an entire snow day! We always make sure we have something to read with us so that delays are spent doing something we never give ourselves enough time to do... That way, we benefit from the delay and not get stressed out by it!
C + C

pve design said...

I love the comments,
slowing down
day dreaming
It is all how we look at delays~

annie@mostlovelythings said...

delays used to throw me off, but now I just try to use the time to make a call to my mom, or just think...hope your mom is okay.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

wish I looked like her, so serene and stylish, while waiting

Have a feeling you did look so chic while waiting this week, continued prayers for your parents

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

I used to love school snow delays so we could sleep in and enjoy a relaxing breakfast!! Thinking of your parents and hoping they are doing well. xoxoxox

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Patricia, Sending prayers to your Mom. For that wonderful drawing is telling me that she is really upset with her husband--look how prominently the wedding ring is drawn..... As for delays: for me,it is so much better to go with the flow so many times I've been saved from mini-disasters because of a delay. Great time to read a book.