Friday, January 18, 2013


 I have been collecting some images with black and chunky window frames that I love.  They seem to define the space.  To me they make me want to stay indoors.
They do make a statement.
 Imagine walking into this space.  Jaw dropping wow.
The outside meets indoors.
I just want to sit and stare all day long like this precious dog above.
Chunky framed windows create a space to simply admire the indoors and the outside.

Take time to enjoy tine indoors and outdoors this weekend.
We have a long three day weekend to honor Martin Luther King.
I plan to celebrate with a dreamy southern meal of shrimp and grits and some bbq.

Enjoy the weekend.  Inside and out.


Moments and Impressions said...

Oh my I love those lines. Especially with all the glass.

Purple Flowers said...

I love the mix of glass, wood and metal. That lucky doggie lives in a beautiful home.
Enjoy your weekend!

vicki archer said...

Love the inside/out Patricia... Happy weekend... xv

My Notting Hill said...

Love black metal doors too. The last image is a keeper, wow.

Purple Flowers said...

Patricia: You may be interested in reading my last post regarding *artful healing*
Peace to you.

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

I love black mullions also :)

DC is finally going to see the sun this weekend! Yah!

Enjoy your weekend, Liz

The Buzz Blog said...

Nature is art that is meant to be framed and these amazing windows and doors would only enhance her beauty. Happy weekend, PVE!
C + C

Erica Cook said...

Love these. Hope your weekend is a good one. xo

Jennifer C. Webb said...

soooo hungry now...stopped looking at the window images when I read "shrimp and grits." Hungry

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Yummm...nothing like shrimp 'n grits AND barbeque...can I come over??

Enjoy and stay warm! xoxoxo

MJH Design Arts said...

I think I could live with that golden lab in that house. I even think Jones would love the lab. Have a wonderful week-end.

Koplax said...
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annie@mostlovelythings said...

I love these too! I would love to have these with a view...even if it's just a beautiful garden courtyard.

BRASWELL said...

Love these images + the grits! Have a good long weekend.

Unknown said...

Your weekend sounds dreamy and relaxing!!

The boys went skiing today and now we're all relaxing by the fire. My kind of weekend, indoors and quiet!

xo Elizabeth