Tuesday, January 15, 2013

hold hands

 While I was visiting my parents we did a lot of holding hands.  
There is something so valuable about holding hands.  
 Truly, if you hold hands, you cannot harbor any anger or hold grudges.
Holding hands should be prescribed as a remedy.
 Take time out today to do a little hand holding.
 Holding hands does warm my heart.
Hold hands today and feel the love.
When was the last time you held hands?


Acquired Objects said...

I agree with you there's something so warming about holding hands. I held a friends hand yesterday while she was in pain and she said it helped. I hope it did.


Purple Flowers said...

My husband and I hold hands on a regular basis. It comforts my soul.

I am so glad that you held hands when you were with your family. I think it brings people together without having to speak any words.

pve design said...

How sweet that you were there to hold hands with your friend. It is so true how holding hands help to alleviate pain. Even my sweet dog gives me his paw when he is at the vet getting shots.

Hope you and your dear husband hold hands for many days and years ahead.

Cheryl said...

Kenny and I held hands always. As his illness took over his life, it became our only means of communication. Touch. It is so important.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I love holding hands with my loved ones!

Elizabeth said...

My husband and I hold hands whenever we're walking together, even if it's something as mundane as crossing a supermarket parking lot.

Kwana said...

Lovely post! So sweet.

annie@mostlovelythings said...

Oh I love this...one of my favorite photos is of my son holding my hand when he was about 5...we were looking at a large painting at the MoMA.

I Dream Of said...

Patricia, this was a sweet post. I'm sure all the hand holding was a great comfort to all! We've been doing a lot of holding hands here, too, and it does help. So do hugs! XOXO

Diane J. Reed said...

What a lovely post! And everything you said is true—it's hard to remain bitter skin on skin. So simple & so beautiful : )

MJH Design Arts said...

The healing power of our hands; to love and give life with just our hands-miracles.
Be well, Mary

Erica Cook said...

LOVE this. xoxo