Thursday, January 10, 2013

a wing and a prayer

When I happened upon these paintings by Jim Darling, I felt they were just right for my flight to see my
Parents and family down in Kentucky.  Imagine my inspiration found "on a wing and a prayer."
 I've always liked the window seat because I get to look out at the view.  
I never really thought though about literally painting it.
I'll be back soon, back to New York.  There is always something special about New York and the Harbor.  Do you see the Empire State Building?
In the mean time, have a wonderful weekend wherever you fly off to, on a wing and a prayer.


annie@mostlovelythings said...

How interesting...I always choose the window seat unless my kids are with me. Every time we fly into NY I wish I had someone that knew every area of NY so they could tell me what we are seeing. Love this work. Safe travels Patricia.

Belle on Heels said...

Prayers to your sweet parents and safe travels to you! I'm sending get well wishes!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Safe travels!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

what interesting paintings. Enjoy the view on your return home. Many prayers for your parents

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Travel home safely, Patricia...I hope your parents are mending well.

These paintings are great!

I Dream Of said...

My thoughts and prayers are winging away with you, Patricia. Take good care of those you love and yourself, too. XO

Kwana said...

These are beautiful and interesting. Have a good trip and sending my best to your parents.

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

These paintings are so original!

Have a wonderful trip!


Unknown said...

I do hope your parents are feeling better. I know your presence is comforting for them.

I, too, always choose the window seat. I don't like being cooped I always like to be able to look out and see the world.

Safe travels home!
xoxo Elizabeth

MJH Design Arts said...

Sending you prayers on wings of angels. Mary

BRASWELL said...

Those paintings are interesting + beautiful. Happy Trip to you and again an angel to watch over you & your parents.

Millie said...

Thinking of you & your siblings Patricia as you care for your parents.
Millie xx

The Buzz Blog said...

Just flew back from Atlanta ourselves - into the fog and mist! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
C + C

Unknown said...

excellent shots

Unknown said...

great shots