Wednesday, June 02, 2010

home within

One way to enjoy Summer Holidays be they at home or abroad is to find the "home" within each of us. Today, I think of those far away from home and how they find time to make room or a spot in their space to reflect their love of home. It could be a small corner, romanced with letters, photos of just something "familiar" that reminds us of those we love.
Are there books or images that you have collected that make you think of a far away place that you want to bring home?
Years ago, I started to collect poignant images that I carefully glued into a book that I titled -"Interiors of the heart."
Dreamy rooms, sumputous sofas, walls laden with art and all things that I felt made a room a home. A mix of European order and American nonchalance, some images more formally cluttered and others just casually right.
I began this book long before I had my own home, nor even had the "twinkling" a home would loom in my horizon.
We looked at so many houses while our twin sons were wee lads. On more than one occasion, I hopped out of the car, vowing we would never find anything we could afford, nor would I want my own dog to live in. Funny thing is, we did not even own a dog at that time.
images are from my journal and my home, back view.
We have learned to make room within our home as well as in the garden.
Tell me, what makes your home within more evocative?


Starr said...

What a beautiful book. But I suspect I would find your "Windows of the Heart" book even more inspiring.

There's an audiobook that I've listened to within the last year that suggests making a book like yours that is entitled "This Is My Life" -- believing in the realities of one's dreams.

pve design said...

It is wonderful how having a book like that (my Window's of the Heart) gave me cause to dream.

Jeanne Henriques said...


I think looking over a book like that, years later, is as much fun as putting it together. Yours is lovely, I imagine it filled you with hope many times over and gives you great joy even now.

I have a wicker basket that I have been dragging around the world, filled with images going back 25 years. Tastes change but I still love looking at them. Your right, it is a window into the heart...filled with wonderful memories.


Formerly known as Frau said...

I believe a home is where your heart is but after being gone from my home and trying desperately to make this home feel more homey. I think ingredients need to have heart, memories and love, dreams stirred together and you have a home.

Unknown said...

Love the book idea...home is where the heart is!

Vanessa@decor happy said...

Love your book! Must be so fun to go through it.

Unknown said...

Patricia, you must know how much I love this post. It carries all the essentials of my own home philosophy... There is almost no day where I not think of this! Things from back home and the images we carry in our heads and bring along to make a place home!
And some books like that above are just what's right to dream a little!
This is what makes a home a sanctuary! Thing of the heart around us!
Thank you!

Unknown said...

We all have dreams of what our "home" will look like and better yet the feelings it will evoke. I'm always happier at home when I have fresh flowers around, a candle lit and some smooth jazz playing in the background.

The Buzz Blog said...

What a wonderful idea to create a book of interiors that speak to you - a great resource when you come to tackling a home of your own. Lovely pictures of chez PVE!

Summer is a Verb said...

Are those beautiful azealas yours? Wowza they are ginormous...XXOO