Friday, March 14, 2008

one musette

I never imagined the incredibly creative people that would come into my world via my blog.
My mission was to inspire and connect, all the while I create an artful life. My mission is far from accomplished, yet I feel such gratitude to those of you who stop by to pay a visit, to tell me how much you love my work or how I have inspired you.  One such individual connected with me and I felt compelled to post about this amusing individual.  She was thinking about her own blog.  She just joined the blogosphere.
Everyone needs one musette.  Please welcome musette and I will post more on her in one of my next posts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Patricia, you are a gem!

Kwana said...

Thanks for the intoduction.

Jamie Livingston said...

I just found your web site via the wonderful Kwana. I've been reading her blog, and found the link to you. I love the banner art you made for her. I have a jewelry design company and I've been looking for an artist to design a logo. I'll have to get in touch.
I'm also a writer, so I may someday need something for that site too.
Beautiful illustrations!!


Ashley L. said...

thank you so much for stopping by Decor Amor! i must say that your blog is quite a treat as well...very inspiring! i'll have to go check out this blog next! would you be interested in swapping links?!