Monday, March 31, 2008

inspiring mom

One mom who never ceases to amaze and inspire me is design mom.  
Please read this very exciting interview and be inspired!

1.  How did you come up with your blog title?
I wish the story were more exciting. :)  I'm a graphic designer and a mother, and both of those titles seem to influence each other in my daily life.  I make decisions as a mother based on my design training and experience.  And the fact that I am a mother affects how and when I can be a design professional, so the title "Design Mom" seemed to make sense.  My intention, as I started , was to keep a record of how motherhood looks to me as viewed through a design filter -- or the intersection of Motherhood and Design.

2.  What made you start your blog?
I had read blogs for a couple of years -- mostly personal-essay type blogs.  I'd even attempted to
start my own, but found that writing personal essays, no matter how short or light, was terribly time-consuming and challenging for me.  Plus it totally stressed me out.  Then my sister Jordan started her blog, O Happy day.   It was (and still is) mostly photos, with a sentence of two underneath.  A lightbulb went off in my head -- I could write a couple of sentences without stressing.
The timing was perfect, my baby number 5 was 2 months old, and I was looking or a creative outlet that I could do at odd hours -- or in my pajamas.  Something that would help me ward off post-partum depression (which by baby number 5, I knew was prone to) and would be less stressful than taking on more freelance design clients.  Blogging was the perfect fit.

3.  Who do you admire the most in the Design World?
Oh man, it's always hard to name names.  
In the Graphic Design/ Textile world:
The art directors at Martha Stewart  (especially whoever did the now defunct Kids Magazine)
and a million more. . .
In the Design Blogging World:
and a million more. . .
4.  When will you develop a line of your own?
Good Question.  I have no idea when but I do know I'd loe to Right now, I'm more interested in collaborating with an exciting line than start from scratch.  We'll see what I come up with.
5.  How has maintaining a blog as a Mom changed your life?  (and your role as a MOM)
It has been so much fun and gives me a daily creative fix.  Plus it's led to lots of cool opportunities.  For example, without blogging,  I would have never started sk*rt and I can hardly imagine my life without sk*rt.
Additionally, I think blogging has done an amazing job of connecting mothers.  Blogging, especially as a new mother, is such a brilliant way to help you through those months where all your hard work and learning and struggle is not being recognized.  A new mother knows what a challenge it can e to get through a list as simple as:
give a baby a bath, make a bed, eat a decent meal, get showered and dressed.
With a newborn, a list like that is a major accomplishment.
Now, with blogging, you can write a quick post about the baby's schedule.  Or how you had a marathon laundry day.  Or your errand to pick out a new baby blanket.  Or whatever.  And suddenly it seems like a valid and worthy way to spend the day, but blogging makes it recognizably so.)
As far as affecting my role as a MOM goes, it has for sure affected my daily schedule.  As my blog morphs into a business, I have brought in a babysitter a few mornings a week so that I can have some dedicated time to work on Design Mom and sk*rt.  And when my kids make something cool, they always ask me if I'm going to blog about it!

Well, Design Mom, thanks so much for taking time to answer these questions and for inspiring each of us daily with your blog, while you intersect being a Graphic Designer and a MOM!

Do you have Moms in your life that inspire you, love to hear who they are?


Mrs.French said...

I love her! Thank you so much for the interview!

Eileen said...

Great interview. That picture look like me these days!!!

Tara said...

How does she DO IT???

simply seleta said...

The picture really helped pull me into the interview, a great way to set the scene. Beautifully illustrated! I was sad when the questions ended. I wanted more!

5 kids, a monster blog, a graphic design career and a sitter only a few mornings a week? All I can figure is that she works in that fast forward speed that superman does when he's spinning in the phone booth.

Kwana said...

Great interview and so inspiring. She is amazing to do so much with 5children. Thanks for sharing and I love the sketch!

pve design said...

mrs. french, eileen, tara, seleta, kwana,
Yes, she does it that is why I think she is inspiring!
She gives us hope to follow our voice, in the midst of mothering!
moms are truly amazing! each of you inspire me.


great questions!!

enc said...

Nice interview!

Braque68 said...

Great interview. Design Mom makes it all seem so unstressful -5 kids, blogging, etc etc.

Thanks for interviewing her -definitely inspiring and motivating!

LondonCalling said...

So inspiring! She makes me want to work harder and find time to be creative. said...

she is truly an inspiration

Splaneyo said...

I just saw your sketch over at Design Mom and wanted to come over and tell you how cute it is.


meera bowman-johnson said...

Every time I think about how challenging it is to be a designing mama of three, I always think about Gabrielle. She truly inspires me!

modmom said...

she's a go-getter!

i thought she got the picture with a few lines under it idea from my blog.

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adesignaffair said...

Love this illus. I hope to be like this one day :-)