Tuesday, March 04, 2008

get set, get ready, go

An illustration I did, used for a Spring Mailer

Get set, get ready!  Are you prepared for spring?  Are you anticipating sporting a new item that puts spring in your step?  Growing up one of seven, new outfits were "hand me downs" or perhaps linked to a special occasion or holiday.   I remember a Spring Plaid of yellow and green that my mother made for me, a cape with chic slits that I could put into my sheath dress and I loved my flat black patent leather shoes with white square buckles.  Boy was I ready for spring and a basket full of "peeps!"  Now, go get set for a stylish spring. 
What will you be wearing this Spring?  


Mrs. Limestone said...

That dress on the right looks like something I might need to have. :) Although hard to imagine it could look as nice in person as it does in your lovely portrayal.

pve design said...

yes, you need a little something new to go with your new home! thanks for the nice comments!

Kwana said...

I'd lone some easy dresses that I can just throw on and not have to think much. Spring where are you?

LondonCalling said...

I'm ready for a new wardrobe!

hazel said...

Unfortunately I will be wearing my hot pink crocs until someone, anyone comes by, ripps them off my feet and burns them. I KNOW they're UGLY, but I am addicted to the comfort. Help?

Cakespy said...

I love that illustration! Nice work indeed, and good timing--we're all ready for something springy I think!

Megan Frampton said...

Ooh, so pretty! And my dad's name was Jeff McLaughlin, so that company always makes me laugh.

Style Court said...

I always love your work for this shop, and your wonderful vivid memories :)

Tara said...

I'm on the search, I think, for complimentary shorts--is there such a thing?? Hee-hee!

pve design said...

Dresses, yes, they are easy and really do say "Spring!"
I know you will find some great dresses!

Yes, a new wardrobe would light me up too!

Boy you are funny - Deep down I wished I had invented Crocs!

I spotted some "springy" cupcakes at our bakery which made me think of you!

How funny is that about your Dad, and your name makes me think of "Peter" you know who!

Thanks for dropping in - which reminds me that I owe you a visit! Happy and stylish spring.

You are too cute, yes I can design a pair to compliment your days missed on a hammock!