Wednesday, March 26, 2008

desk vignettes part V

One musette sent me photos of her desk vignette today.  A sparkly silvery spot to work.
I want to paint the walls a robins egg blue or a sunny egg yolk yellow. 


Mary-Laure said...

I absolutely LOVE this desk series, it's such a great idea. I'll try to be brave and contribute my own vignette tomorrow...

enc said...

Ah, the tall-desk-with-stool scenario. I've always wondered if I could work that way. It looks really nice.

pve design said...

great, just as long as your vignette includes your assistant benji.

send me an image of your desk.... are there barbells
and fitness equipment?

Anonymous said...

I love the white walls! I made them white to clear my mind. All day I work with colors and patterns and textures. It gives me peace.