Tuesday, March 25, 2008

desk vignettes - part I

Esther Freud,  writer and daughter of Lucian Freud writes from this spot where one can only imagine the slow unfolding of words turning into a novel.  Note the shoes are ready for immediate departure.   The cardboard box must surely contain something very important.

This is the desk from "All the best" which I was very honored to receive today.  Just take a look at the lovely spot in Scotland and the pretty view out the window.    It's so nice to put the desk with the blogger.  Perfectly appointed with a stunning silver lamp, and fresh hyacinths, don't they smell divine.  I illustrated the blog header for All the Best, so I feel like I have visited a wonderful friend, one with a well- lived desk.

The desk from "My Notting Hill" - Look at her lovely organized shelves and comfortable Aeron Chair.  I love to see where everyone works to fulfill their dreams, blogging while designing a wonderful life.  Quite a lovely shade of blue hydrangea, very soothing and calm and the back of the shelves are a dark chocolate.   The combination is rich and inviting, yin and yang.   Good feng shui to have your back to the wall.  I feel really great "chi"energy from this spot!

Inspiration Boards are beautiful for posting a collection to show your true hopes and dreams.

I quite like the silver accents to show polish and edge.  Quite like the "Annechovie" print propped next to the computer.    Note the shell, the lovely flower and the polaroid of the thistle. ( I'd love to come over one day and paint that brick wall white!)
Please feel free to e-mail a photo or sketch of your desk, and keep in mind it is not perfection we are after, rather a glimpse into your creative spot, piles and all.
Thanks to each of you for allowing us to view your desk vignette.


Claudia said...

What a wonderful post! I would send you a photo of my desk if only it wasn't so packed with magazines and papers and paint chips and carpet samples!! :-)

Hmm, maybe I will take a photo - perhaps embarrassment is what I need to get me to tidy it up!! :-D

pve design said...

No scrutiny on the desk bounty here! Love to see your desk!
The message is clear that we all have unique styles of working, perfect or imperfect.

Kwana said...

Oh this is fun. Giving me lots of ideas for my WIP.

Paul Pincus said...

I love this post!

They're all wonderful...but I'm crushin' on Esther Freud's desk and space!


My Notting Hill said...

Thanks for your lovely comments about my desk. Love the bright white of Esther Freud's office and the view from All the Best. Funny you should mention the brick - painting it white or the same brown as the back of the shelves has been the subject of discussion here!

enc said...

My favorite so far. The atmosphere in this office is ideal. Clean and bright.