Wednesday, March 26, 2008

desk vignettes - part III

A tree house office would be the perfect spot for me, a window, light, a small bed for a bit of shut-eye or merely to dream.  This happens to be the spot of writer 

In all fairness,"In defense of food", I would need nourishment to provide energy. 
Room service please.  I could see a picnic basket full of healthy and fresh finds.
Come join me!


ALL THE BEST said...

I love these posts Patricia! Thanks for including me!

pve design said...

You are welcome! It is great fun to peek inside and see the soul of a desk.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Love the series! Too bad my office is at least a month or two from being set up b/c I want to join the fun too.

But where is your desk???

pve design said...

I shall be completing the "desk vignettes" post with mine. Stay tuned!

Mrs.French said...

This one is definitely my inspiring and tranquil.

enc said...

Nice and rugged-looking. I like all the wood.