Tuesday, March 25, 2008

desk vignettes part II

Art requires one to work, to produce, to make a mess if you will.  It is after all a messy business.  From chaos comes order and creativity. 
Light, and storage is required, a good seat as well as art supplies.
I like this spot - where Judith Kerr works, perched next to a window, trash bin next to her even though she admits that most things land on the floor.  It is an honest space, good for making art.
The drafting table is from Artiste Annechovie
and she refers to this as her "art mess" - well now I think you must have attached the wrong photo, because this looks clean, tidy and a sweet corner to paint all you do!  We have become art comrades and united via blogging.  One of these days we will meet in person and share some paint plein air along with a side of "Salade Nicoise", extra annechovie please and perhaps some Rose wine.  We both love pink and we could talk for days.


Be the change..... said...

rose is my favorite wine - or italian lambrosco if i can get my hands on it. Why is it so hard to find here in the US? I love seeing people's work areas like this! Mine i'm afraid is really boring

mommytherobot.blogspot.com said...

oh god i love your space!

adesignaffair said...

Wow, I wish I had room for drawers. Living in NYC, my bedroom> is my office> is my everything!

enc said...

Light, bright, and white. I love it.

(This is weird: I'm going through all the offices backwards because I'm catching up, and now I find I like every kind of office design there is. I thought I insisted on minimalism, but apparently, I don't, as evidenced by my gushing comments on each and every scenario.)

I really like this series.