Friday, October 10, 2008

take it outside

pve design Illustration for A.Tierney -calendar
When I was growing up, one of seven,  my Mothers favorite things to say was, "Take it outside" which meant that we were obviously getting  too rough or trying some sort of game that really in all honesty was better outdoors in the fresh air. ( A game of "touch football" or tag is a great way of letting off steam.)   I find myself repeating the words of my Mother and on "no-school days" - I order my kids to "take it outside."  What do you find yourself saying that your Mom used to say, with or with-out kids.  You know you must have something to say, in an "inside voice" - please.


Leciawp said...

Love this happy scarecrow and football game!

I always say, "you worry about you (Not your brother)" and my parents always said that.

Michelle said...

oooooh I know,......when my girls ask me for a snack that is not the most nutritious.......then nag me......and I'm busy....I sigh.....loudly and say,....."I don't care !",.....that is sooo my mum!!!!!

Kwana said...

I do the classic, "because I said so" and The Look. It's scary how time goes on we pick up The Look and mannerisms.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Love this fall image! As a kid we were always told to go outside, sometimes all day long: no videogames for us! No wonder why kids these days are so overweight!

Kate F. said...

"I haven't the foggiest," which she in turn got from her dad. A sound best transcribed as "Ay-ya munga," said when handling something that it unexpectedly hot or performing a kitchen task without hot mitts or patience (fishing things out of a pan or pot to taste while still boiling; removing heated plates from the oven after leaving them in too long).

heidi said...

"How many times do I have to ask you to..."
put your clothes in the laundry.
pick up your wet towel.
sit on your tushy while eating dinner.
wash your hands.

Ann said...

Oh you made me think of my dear Mom whom I missed so much. But what I always tell my son especially on school days that makes me hear my Mom's voice again is... keep moving, don't be a slow foot.

Oh gosh, I miss her a lot.

Joyce said...

I enjoyed reading all of the "mom's famous quotes"!

I don't have children, but I do remember some of my mom’s words. One of my favorite was when I turned 18 I happened to be home at the actual time of my birth 12:48 pm so my mom came up to me to hug and wish me “Happy Birthday” and pointed to the front door saying the world out that door will be tough at times now go out there to show me what I taught you”. I sure hope I’m still showing her I listened most times!

Rachel said...

I think I am becoming my mom, and I'm perfectly happy about it! I can't think of any specific phrases, although I'm sure I use some of them.

rebecca said...

Your mama was a very wise woman :) I plan on saying that a lot. And joining them!

As always, love your illustration, too!

Capegirl said...

My mother's two favorite sayings:
'what would your uncles think" (she was the only girl in a family of six).
And of course "manners, please"

I have adopted manners, please-though sometimes I don't think I have been as successful as my mother was with this saying.

N said...

"Knock it off..." and ooooh...I can't stand that I say it!

Ms. Tee said...

I love this painting, just love it. It's so warm and welcoming. :)

Now that I have a teenager, I've found myself saying, "Well, this isn't 'everybody's' house, and I'm not 'everybody's' mom" - I say this in response to "everybody gets to do that!". :)

Elizabeth said...

"No running on the pool deck!"

And about a million others. I've officially turned into my parents.

Oh, you'll love this one:
"Don't act smarty!"

My grandpa used to say that. My sister and I tell each other that now.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh, I took it outside all weekend! :-) We had such amazing weather here.

That painting is so lovely. Fall is my favorite season so I'm in love with all the wonderful colors.