Monday, October 27, 2008

true gift tuesday

True gifts spring spontaneously from one's pure compassionate heart with no thought of any return.     
Today is "true gift tuesday" and I am doing a little give back to the first 3 commenters!  (not to worry if you do not make the first 3 as I will be posting a series of give back tuesdays!)
Last week I sent a box to Perfect -Beginning  to get the ball rolling for a "pay-it-forward."  
There is something special about getting a box in the mail.  Yesterday, a box of goodness was sent to Architect Design.
The requirements for the the pay-it-forward true gift tuesday are to be fun, thoughtful and simply something to make the person smile!  I want to thank la la lovely for sending me a box, a lovely chocolate bar, a pretty little soap dish and a delightful initial magnet which I love!  She has just launched something to remind us to be good and that each of us can make a difference.

this little doll is running to give her Mum something special.  
she dressed herself and I had to take her photo, what style!
I just love her "dora" boots!
So good things come in 3's.... May each of you go forth this true gift tuesday.  It is in giving that we receive.  Give something simple, make someone smile today.  Release your inner child and play along, pay it forward, "true gift tuesday!"   The top 3 must e-mail me, as to where to send!


Tara said...

Good morning Patricia

Loved catching up on your posts here and i think your "Tuesday" idea is wonderful!
I am back to posting, hope you can hop on over when you get a chance...and am I one of the lucky three? What a nice way to return to blogland! Missed ya!

erika said...

Just read Joyce's blog then yours... I thought I was going to cry at your generosity and thoughtfulness. That spread of cards... oh my goodness, I agree with Joyce, they would be hard to part with... I think I would frame them.
You are too kind... I'll give something to someone today... what a great idea!

Joyce said...

Patricia- what a BEAUTIFUL post and IDEA!!! It is true when we give from the heart more blessings come in return in their own time.

I LOVE to spread LOVE and WARM wishes around to others. We all need a little pick me up at some time of our lives. Words I live by (maybe not exactly quoted), I treat others like I like to be treated, and giving someone a smile is free. You never know how much that person might have needed it.
Thank you my friend for being so special and a blessing to many!

Liz said...

Hi sis,
I'll try again to post. I was just taking a qwik look before I go swim. Funny...I have been thinking of gifting Mom all morning - a book, a card, an old movie she wants to see from Netflix. Great minds and growing hearts.
Love ya Liz

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Aww, thanks for the package and shout out, PVE! I'm all excited now and can't wait to get my package in the mail!!!

la la Lovely said...

Patricia- I LOVE the post and your giving spirit! Thanks for including me in this wonderful post. I love the quote! So true! Hope your day is perfect in every way!
x Trina

jfu said...

Great idea. I do this with co-workers/friends, I bake for them. I love the buddha. I recently went to Frenchtown, NJ to Two Buttons there is a great selection of buddhas check it out.

Kwana said...

What a wonderful idea Patricia. Makes the heart swell.

Leciawp said...

Patricia, this is a beautiful post. You are an inspiration! (I'm also admiring your color coordination the past couple of days!)

Rachel said...

This is such a generous idea. And it will be a nice little reminder each week to try to pay it forward.

LindsB said...

omg, 4am and Tara was already up and blogging! I'm never going to win one of these things with my 8am wake up time :)

BTW, that is not to discount that Patricia is doing a very nice thing- you are so sweet!!

Unknown said...

I love your idea, it's so sweet and beautiful. Also so strange to see that photo--a few years ago I wrote a book with a friend that used that same (or similar) image of Tara on the cover(!)

Arlene said...

Great idea. It's a good way to keep you centered each week. Just thinking about giving the gift, makes me focus on something besides the silly problems we think are important each day. Love it!

Karena said...

Yes, these little gifts can lift someone's spirits; knowing they are thought of and special. Make someone smile or laugh every day!

heidi said...

What a lovely idea!

GrannySmithGreen said...

One can't help but feel better when we think of others before ourselves. It really is the small things that count, don't you think?

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

"It is in giving that we receive."

Truer words can not be spoken! Thank you for sharing this gentle reminder with your readers. Namaste.

rebecca said...

Great post! I love the Buddhas, and your words are beautiful :)