Wednesday, October 01, 2008

pink eye

I have a "pink eye" today. ( I see pink!)
 In hopes of a raising awareness for
Breast Cancer.

Pink is contagious, perhaps it was caused by this graphic pink pillow from here.
or these heart sachet's to tuck inside a drawer-
as a reminder of friends who have left us.

Bring home some pink for your self or a friend as a reminder to make that appointment, early.

No time, wait a minute, pull up a chair, a pink chair.
A pink "C" for "Courage" goes out to all the survivors and fighters.
On the go, then grab this rosy cot for some added side-line fun.

Feeling dizzy.  Lie down here.  Amazing how a dose of pink made my eyes feel so much better
"Pinky swear" bosom buddies, that you will pick up the phone and schedule your appointment today.

labels from twogirlzstuff at etsy

How many of you are due for a check-up and do you dread this one as much as I do?
What are we waiting for?  


Mrs. Blandings said...

Patricia - perfect, no surprise. Adore the cot! Thanks!

Joyce said...

Patricia~ What a clever and beautiful way to remind us all what we need to do.

Actually... THANK YOU my friend for reminding me! I visited my doctor- days before my dad passed away and still have the orders on my desk to make my appointment. Making the appointment has totally slipped my mind, but I will call today!! Thanks again!!
Have a golden day!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I had my check-up last month!

And, my favorite pink is Edward's tummy!

Kwana said...

Oh Patricia you are the best. Thanks for this post. I'll be making my appointment this week. I'm due.

Leciawp said...

This is one of the nicest posts I've seen - breathtaking. Thanks for helping raise awareness. I've had breast cancer twice and posted today about my experience.

pve design said...

thanks for including me in the pink brigade.

joyce -
make the appointment today!

good for you!
give a rub to that pink tummy for me.

get that appointment on the calendar dearie!

looking forward to reading your post with the voice of experience and reason!

72 and sunny said...

clever! get squished ladies. It's not that bad~ at all.

Karena said...

Patricia, how perfect, yes I love the pink patterned stool and cot. I have posted in honor of my cousin Sharon.... a new work of art on my latest blog. Please take a look.

Julia said...

I'm moving into that time in my life that I need to seriously start getting regular chest checks :)

Thank you for all the beautiful pink items. I love those labels!

katiedid said...

Lovely pink post! I like those labels at the end especially. ;)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Love that cot! And the pillow, too. There's not much pink in my house...but I do love it.

I did a pink post today, too. Thanks so much for spreading the word about Breast Cancer Awareness on yours!!

Ivy Lane said...

Check up scheuled for Oct. 29!!! Great reminder everyone!! Just MAKE THE CALL!

Rachel said...

Nice reminder! I never miss a check up, but I know how easy it is to do when things get busy.

Mrs.French said...

pink is definitely a favorite of mine...I enjoyed our chat today...xo

Michelle said...

I lurve pink !!

Ms. Tee said...

What a neat post and yes, I am due for a check-up. Thank you for the reminder. :)

Marnie said...

funny patricia - we are on the same wavelength - think pink

Unknown said...

such an important reminder. i know, i need to go in...thank you--a service to us all.

and i love those little pink cards!~

la la Lovely said...

fabulous and thoughtful as always...
ps- i've tagged you...see my blog, hope you will join in!
pps- i'm so excited about the package...
x Trina

heidi said...

guilty... must make appt. RIGHT NOW. Thanks for the reminder.

lotta said...

Thank you for those wonderful pink picks and for spreading the word. Thank you also for visiting my blog these last couple of weeks. I am honored.

Kim said...

thanks for the awareness! I've known a couple of people that if caught in time we would still be enjoying their company!!

annechovie said...

Love your pics, Patricia. I am always a sucker for pink!

pve design said...

anne -
yes, indeed, I think of you and think pink.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...


Thanks for the pink post. In doing my ritual morning blog roll read I saw your pink post first! I just recently started blogging, but I made sure to post pink as well. Thanks for the heads up!