Friday, October 24, 2008


pve design illustration for Sur la Mer, California
Nothing makes my heart skip a beat faster than a "boutique" or a "shoppe" full of international charm.  I adore the kind of place where you feel compelled to step inside because the sunny disposition is right there smiling at you in the window.  From the minute you walk inside, pleasantries are spoken, you are welcomed as someone special.  

Sur la Mer inspires the love of the beach inside with furnishings and accessories
Happy things eye you, silk pillows to jazz up your couch, chic lighting, or a gorgeous book and suddenly you find yourself in deep conversation with the shoppe-keeper, why it's as if you have known one another for a life-time. 

Sur La Mer design offers services to artfully prepare your home, inside and out!
You find out that you both love the art of creating and designing an artful home.  Both beach lovers, sunscreen users, travelers, love french things, a serendipitous moment, right!

pve design, illustration of topiary in front of Sur la Mer
Touches like potted topiaries, fresh cut flowers, the scent of a candle, and lovely music draw me in and I feel compelled to bring something home.  A new design book, a frame, a wonderful wooden bowl and a soft throw all seem to call my name, making me feel special, in a "boutiquey" sort of way.  The above illustrations were done for "Sur La Mer" - a lovely boutique in California.  Tell me, if you shop there?  What speaks to you, do you have a favorite local shoppe that calls your name?


Kwana said...

Lovely! You've been awarded on my blog today.

MIMILEE said...

Delightful Post, Patricia!

heidi said...

Beautiful post! I love our local hardware store... does that count?

Joyce said...

I don't shop there, but I would if I lived near by! As always my friend I love the illustrations!

Things That Inspire said...

What a nice post. I love to discover new, charming home stores, but I also like a few of my old favorites. In Atlanta, that would be Mrs. Howard and the Stalls Interior Market. Even though it is a rainy day today, this post has inspired me to go visit a new small decor store in town. What a terrible time to open up a store...I must go show my support! Have a lovely day, and thank you for stopping by my blog today. Your comment made me happy.

My Notting Hill said...

So lovely - looks like a wonderful place to visit.

pve design said...

oh an award, I need an award today!

I can only imagine how fun you would be to shop with!

love a good hardware store, yes it totally counts.
I illustrated our local hardware store.

so where do you shop near you?
did you get the box?

opening a store now is good, as long as the shop is edited and shows spirit and provides a place to go for special things. people always make a shop - inviting. large retailers do not offer that personal touch with a warm smile.

pve design said...

my notting hill,
counting on you to go there and scout for us.
you always find the best things.

Julia said...

Oh my goodness, your delightful images make me wish I lived anywhere near there!

LindsB said...

I love those, just looking at them makes me want to go inside and check the place out- what fabulous work yet again!

Rachel said...

Beautiful illustrations! A perfect boutique always lifts my spirits, but they're also a little dangerous for my wallet.

Leciawp said...

Beautiful illustrations - they really take me in.

Shops? - Tottini, Capers, Blue Canopy in Seattle.

Happy weekend Patricia!

Kim said...

I have several favorites that call me name AND take my money!!!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I love places like this -we have a few in Georgetown (but i'm not sure how friendly they generally are!).

Style Court said...

as always patricia, love your work :)

Arlene said...

Gosh, I just love your style. It makes me so happy to look at your illustrations. You are such a talent!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

My favorite shop is VV Rouleaux in London. Heaven.

Joyce said...


One of my favorite of favorite places is a place I talk about all the time "The Backdrop" in Woodstock, IL. It is owned by 3 dear and close friends of mine (2 sisters and a brother).
Yes I just looked over at my golden treasures and smiled!!! Thank you...

dolce chic said...

I've never been there, but it looks beautiful!!! Great post!

Anonymous said...

PVE, your drawings as usual are wonderful. Love the topiary and the garden seat. Thanks for the link to creatives...I am a paper person and I must have that notebook. That's exactly how I think.

Topsy Turvy said...

Patricia - you make that shop look so inviting!


72 and sunny said...

hey! this is down the street from me! how fun!

pve design said...

beach bungalow-
how cool is that, you are right down the lane from that shop!