Wednesday, April 17, 2013

think happy

While I can't seem to shake the sadness I feel for Boston, my mind is doing it's darned best to think happy thoughts for the future.  
Will we be subjected to daily random acts of hatred causing unhappiness?   
How can we simply show our happy spirit and move forward?

I want so much to celebrate and find the happy place.  Check out these gorgeous gals, they offer lovely services for soiree planning and e-design.  The mix of plates, the fresh colors and just an overall feel good setting surely sets the tone for a punchy party.
 Arrangement spotted over here.

I thought these flowers would be the perfect happy arrangement.  
Now to figure out what to wear, maybe something gingham, or pucci?  Are you trying to think happy thoughts as much as I am?

Who's with me?


Acquired Objects said...

Happy thoughts are good, never forget what is happening around us but you can still smile. This post certainly made me smile with all the orange!


pve design said...

me too, now all I want is to make a dress with this hunk of orange shantung that I have had for a very loooong time.

stephanie said...

I totally am in! But, I agree its tough! Thanks for sharing the fun, happy colors! They made me smile.

pve design said...

Ok, I am serious, I am going to host a partie and invite everyone who is in on this with me!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Thanks Patricia...I needed this today. The brightness started my day with happiness and cheer! xoxo

Tawna said...

Trying...with Boston and a new snowstorm, I'm finding myself pining for spring like never before. I've even been encouraging my husband we need to move, of which he shakes his head! Thanks for posting today.

Divine Theatre said... all we really have of any value. When I exchanged love for all my other emotions I discovered peace.



Elizabeth said...

I'm right there with you. I think it's important to take time to reflect and even to mourn. There is good in the world and beautiful colors and patterns help to remind us of that. Love that pattern in the book!


Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

We need to be positive, happy and full of life. If not, the "guilty person/persons" were successful193!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I too am trying hard to find the beauty and happiness after such tragedy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images, as well as your kind comments at my blog.

Have a happy and beautiful day, Elizabeth

LindsB said...

This post made me smile- Plus, how could I not choose to be happy after realizing the city I live in just might be the best city on the planet right now :)

The Buzz Blog said...

We saw this pretty Pucci posy the other day and loved it! Thinking perhaps iconic fabrics would make great inspiration for our next spring collection.
C + C

ann chamberlain said...

What a lovely post today. How can anyone feel blue with the orange family in charge. Thank you,

MJH Design Arts said...

When I saw "think happy" my mind immediately saw yellows and oranges!! Yes, we will be happy and in the moment again soon, remembering the victims.

Angie said...

I spent Tuesday being really present with my kids and my husband... Life is too short to give up on one another and to lose hope!