Monday, April 01, 2013

right on

I travel with a journal or a sketch book to jot down a note or sketch something I see.  On Saturday, I sketched some cars and trucks truckin on Route 28 after a fine breakfast at The Phoenicia Diner.  Not to worry, I was in the passenger seat.  Hope things are moving along for you today.  Right on - Monday.


Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

So fun Patricia. Such a cool talent :)

CDS said...

What pen are you using?

pve design said...

Thanks! I work hard at it but love it.

Micron Pens~

Formerly known as Frau said...

Always hard at work....creativity doesn't need a studio just paper and pen and your brilliant vision! Happy Monday!

kayce hughes said...

This girl would be car sick!

john bord said...

and the car said..... hic
and the pad said .... up

voila at work

MJH Design Arts said...

It's not work when you love what you are doing. Commitment, yes. Have a wonderful April!!! Love the trucks and cars.

mikky said...

I wish I could sketch like you. You make it look easy.


BRASWELL said...

Each day there is some miracle presented to us + I adore the truck sketches.(ha, I would be car sick) A new website now that is exciting. Happy Tuesday to

pam {simple details} said...

This made me smile, on Monday we were headed skiing, the highway was closed and we were in a traffic jam for 2 hours before turning back home, you would have had a field day! :)

Cecilia Quiqueran said...

woow :D