Wednesday, April 03, 2013

spring at lava barre

Have you started your spring exercise routine?  Well if not now, when?  Why not join Lava Barre or at least be inspired to join the corps of a class.  Maybe a bright new colorful top or a brand new water bottle is just the thing to get you motivated to blossom and get moving.  What sort of exercise regime do you do to strengthen, tone up and feel your best?  Click on Lava barre to see their fabulous pinterest board too motivate and inspire.


annie said...

I've done Bar Method for years, but have not heard of Lava Barre...just checked out their pinterst board and all your lovely illustrations.

Amy Vermillion Interiors said...

I am looking for a new exercise "thing"…do you enjoy the bar method?

pve design said...

I wish there was a Lava barre nearby but having danced for years, I know a bar method goes straight to the core and it works.

vicki archer said...

I enjoyed your answers immensely Patricia... xv

pve design said...

thanks so much for your kind comments as always -
I do feel incredibly honored to create art and to have been interviewed.