Friday, April 19, 2013

Love Nina Jane - bracelet giveaway

Triple Wrap bracelet from Love Nina Jane
 Last Summer, I had the joy of stepping foot on the island of Nantucket and in this shop -I fell in love with a necklace that looked very much like this which of course was etched in my "want" part of my brain.  I am a believer of the "law of attraction" and what we are attracted to or desire actually plays a huge role in providing our wants and needs.
A few weeks later, as luck would have it, I won a "love Nina Jane" triple strand bracelet that I actually wear as a necklace.  I simple won it by leaving a comment on another blog "C'est si bon."
 The vintage medals mixed with the pearls makes this a go to piece, it has a "rustic casual" look and perfect for every day wear.  I can dress it up or down.
 Never be afraid of too many accessories.
Great for horsing around...
The medals remind me to keep the faith and the pearls stand for beauty and grace.

Jane of "Love Nina Jane" was kind enough to answer a few questions and I knew you'd love to learn more about Love Nina Jane.

  • How did you start your designs?
  •  We grew up in the south , our mother's became great friends and their names were both Nina Jane. Their NJ was from NYC, mine from Dallas.
  • We inherited their desire to be creative and are influenced by their style. Each of the Nina Janes were different in personality and style but the opposing complimented each other. Our jewelry is the same way, we combine classic, edginess, country and city. The vintage miraculous medals are beautiful and meaningful to us. We only use vintage charms because they have a special beauty we love.
    Both Nina Janes have passed away so we love that we have an extra connection to them. My Nina Jane died when I was 8 and she was 38, and I missed out on so much time not having her, it lifts me up just to be able to say the Nina Jane name on a regular basis! Ann and Jane are sisters (there are 2 Janes!).

    Do you create them?

    We have distilled the collections after many years. We all three contributed to the designs. We all three make our own pieces using the same "recipe".

     What inspired you to start "Love Nina Jane" and what inspires you each day?

    We all three have a need to create. We wax and wane and that is the beauty of having each other. When one waxes, the other wanes and the waxer will pick up the waner until the positions even out. Then we seem to repeat the process off and on through the years! But we are all three enthusiastic about our company. The company has become like another family for us. I love that it has given me two "sisters" as I only had 4 brothers!
    It is so wonderful to see someone around town with a Love, NIna Jane on or to have someone like you want to write about us. We are very excited about the sketch. We all three love your work, we love the energy you have.
    Thank-you Jane for this lovely give-away and for taking the time to share more about "Love Nina Jane."

    Pop over to Love Nina Jane and like Love Nina Jane on facebook.  Leave a comment here and on Monday, the winner shall be announced.  


Lisa Swartz said...

What lovely combinations of pearls and charms! Much to admire

pve design said...

Thank-you and good luck~

yuko said...

Thank you for sharing such a lovely story... It's so inspiring how creativity can be passed down to the next generation. Love the bracelets too!

pve design said...

Indeed, family heirlooms and families love are inspiring.

pavlova said...

Lovely backstory to this lovely company! I love the combo of pearls, leather, and the vintage medals.
Thank you for offering such a nice giveaway on your
Equally lovely blog.
~ Michelle

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Patricia you "happened" into that shop almost magically!
The story of the Nina's is so compelling!
Their work is more than tells you something!
Thank you so for sharing...

Alice said...

Love this jewelry line! So unique and creative. I love anything made with pearls (not to mention it is June's birthstone).

Hannah said...

So lovely!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Gorgeous bracelet!

Kelly said...

First time posting on your blog. Love your site! You have inspired me a lot! Recently lost my mom and was really missing her today (and everyday in between). The bracelet reminds me of her and I. She wore pearls while I wore more rustic jewelry but we both shared a deep faith and a wonderful friendship.

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

What a lovely bracelet and lovely story about the serendipity of your discovering Nina Jane! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

A lovely bracelet! And an even lovelier story about how you acquired yours.

Have a beautiful weekend, Elizabeth

LAC said...

Beautiful the story....combination of pearls, leather and medals simply lovely!

Karen Albert said...

Dear Patricia, I love this bracelet with the antique miraculous medals. They are so meaningful to me! The story behind the jewelry design business is wonderful. I liked Nina Jane on Facebook.


Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

very cool! SAME names?! o yah!
like it.. and a co-operative venture of women? awesome...
loving your explanation of the grace of the pearls and faith of the charms as reminders - meaningful...

thanks for the giveaway and for hosting! :)

vicki archer said...

This is the most gorgeous bracelet... and what a delightful story... WHo wouldn't want one of these beauties Patricia... :) xv

Acquired Objects said...

It's always so nice to read about someone doing something they love and creating beautiful things to treasure! Count me in please!

Enjoy your weekend Patricia!

Ashley Robertson said...

Love the vibe of that bracelet. What a great updated way for a Southern girl to wear her pearls!

for the love of a house said...

I'm a firm believer in the law of attraction too Patricia. What I love about the bracelet is it has an elegant simplicity. I love, love where the name came from. That their mothers shared the same (unusual) name is simply amazing. Coming from the south, I too, have many two-name family members!

Leslie said...

Such a pretty combination of photos and jewelry. Creative talent does seem to run in the family! Wonderful interview:) The picture with the horse is my favorite. Jewelry can be worn anywhere!

Enjoy your weekend!

VictoriaArt said...

These are fabulous! Love the combination of materials, very pretty! Such a nice story!

Jane Gordon said...

What a beautiful way to celebrate life past and present, those girls are a credit to their Mom's.