Friday, April 12, 2013

black accents

 As an artist and designer, I always find black accents attractive.

 In this illustration done for all the best blog years ago, the accent of the black shade seemed so spot on to me.

 An accent of black keeps things very chic, especially with all that color.
A black shade, black tile in a laundry room works too.
 A black bedside table looks classic yet elegant.
Black accenting this window looks like a frame and draws me in.

 A black garage looks chic to pull up to.
 Another great accent of black. A black shade.
 Black bottom cabinets.
 Black bottoms.

Do you have any black accents in your home or wardrobe?
See more of my love for black over on my pinterest board.


Cheryl said...

I do love a touch of black, and yes, throughout my home, there are pieces here and there. My house is white clapboard and all the doors are black. I just love it.

pve design said...

love to see photos of your black accents, black doors and what color is your camera? I do love a black camera.

Georgina said...

I agree completely - I feel like it adds some stability to the picture/area if that makes sense :)

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Our home is a testament to Black and White....a little gold, and mirror accents add sparkle!
I love the use of a black shade! One of the best uses of black was when we painted the front door black, inside, it was already black on the outside!
I just looked and the new camera is silver....I should have MC return it and get a black one!
BTW I wear a lot of B&W!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

oh is an anchor of my wardrobe and home. Our black iron staircase sets the I have a touch of black iron in every room.

Have always loved illustration for All the Best. said...

I love black! I have several black shades too-- I think they are very chic. I'll check out your black board on pintrest.

the gardener's cottage said...

i'm with you on the black. i can't get enough of it. love all your images and will go check out your pinterest board now. x

pve design said...

I love how we are all in agreement that a black accent can automatically chic things up. Now you know I do love working with color....but now black, I need to work with more black.
Thanks bloggy friends.
You really are the best,

Kwana said...

Great post. You know how I love Black.

pve design said...

Yes, I do. Hey did you find that chic black bag?

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

I love these black accents! I only wish I could change up my wardrobe so it had less black in it - I need to add some color into my life!

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

annie@mostlovelythings said...

I love black and I too have a Pinterest board titled BLACK...I just had to a few from here.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, what a great post--love the images! I wholeheartedly agree, black is the perfect accent. I must have at least one black accent in every room. It looks particularly great on exterior trim pieces! Thanks for sharing.

A Perfect Gray said...

lovely post, patricia. i am in love with not just a little, but a lot of black.

home before dark said...

After having an all white wall house for over 27 years, I am going black. Must be a Libra thing! I have always loved black shades on lamps, but am now drawn to black walls as a backdrop for art. Yes, I do get the eye rolls!

Divine Theatre said...

I wear black so often that my nickname is Johnny Cash! Unfortunately, however, cat and dog hair from all over the universe is attracted to black. I should own stock in the lint tape roller industry!
I have not done so yet but I will be painting all my interior doors high gloss black! So mysterious!



Millie said...

I want a glossy black front door just like No 10 Downing St. MOTH reckons I've got no chance, but I can still dream about my ultimate black home accessory!
Millie xx

stephanie said...

Yes a touch in every room -- fireplace surround, shades, interior door painted black -- is there anywhere black doesnt work?

MJH Design Arts said...

Every room needs a bit of black (and sometimes red).

SHERRY HART said... are talking my language here....I think a little black just grounds a the examples too!!