Friday, January 06, 2012

on file

Filing would be more fun with the help from this four legged companion.
 Loving the mix of the chartreuse, white, blue and grey.
 This color is called carbon.
Anybody remember carbon copies?
As I prepare to set up my design studio, file cabinets are extremely important for keeping important items on hand.  I found these fun file cabinets at cb2.  I was thinking white or gray but one of those bright colors sure would make filing more fun.  What color would you choose?


Purple Flowers said...

I just bought two file boxes the same color as that of your blue. I love them. They add a "happy" feature to the world of papers, cards, etc. said...

I like chartreuse and carbon.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I like the carbon or blue....all are nice additions! How exciting to have your studio down to the finishing touches! I hope you will post a final picture of it. Have a wonderful weekend!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

The white and blue would be awfully good together-I need to send this a client's way-thanks for the find. pgt

Hello Lover... said...

Filing cabinets are on my list for this month - I'm trying to get organized and I feel like for all the life papers you need, a filing cabinet really is the way to go. Container Store also has some fun colored ones - they are a little pricier $199, but they have two whole filing drawers versus 1 and two smaller drawers - depends on what your needs are!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

great find, the grey is tempting me. Good luck with the studio setup, exciting

I Dream Of said...

Starting out organized sounds like a grand plan. I'm torn between really giving the space a pop and going for chartreuse or the turquoise, or the subtler charm of the carbon! Let us know what your choose. Have a colorful weekend.

Unknown said...

I love the chartreuse! It would give your studio a pop of color, still referring to nature outside your windows....
So fresh!
Happy weekend!
Hope you are all better!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

yes - cb2 has some amazing things like this -perfect for a home office. I just love the punch of cheery color!

The Buzz Blog said...

Would go for the green and am filing these away for when I need them! Happy weekend, Patricia!

Katie @ Roomations said...

I love the blue by itself but the white would also look really great against a brightly colored accent wall -- two ways to achieve the color "pop" you are looking for!

Here's an example of a room with a lot of white but also some color like the blue:

Moments and Impressions said...

I have that cabinet in silver... the only other choices were black and red at the time. I wish they had the white or the blue... think they would swap me?

But the cabinet is great. Works like a dream after 5 years.

LindsB said...

I think I need a puppy to help me get to all the filing I need to do!

kayce hughes said...

I am loving the white!

kristie said...

love the bright colors!


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Unknown said...

It feels so good to get organized! I'm normally not a "blue" person, but there's just something about that cobalt filing cabinet that just screams "happy"!

Have a wonderful weekend, pve!
xo Elizabeth

Unknown said...

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