Friday, January 06, 2012


 Suddenly the extra space feels neither empty nor bare, but just right.
The ghost of Christmas past lingers with an occasional needle or box of seasonal decor in my path to stow away.
The delivery of a child or two back to school can also present one with time for more extras.
 Clearing a space can instantly add lightness to one's life and provide instant clarity.  Both of the above interiors were designed by Vicente Wolf and I love the clean aesthetic.  Take a moment to enjoy your home by clearing a space or rearranging a corner to renew a room.

Also start the New Year with extras.  Extra stamps, batteries, candles, coins or supplies that might need replenishing.  Having extras will inspire you to feel more prepared for many situations.  What sort of extras do you stock up on?  Hope your weekend is extra special.


Ann said...

Extra bottles of cold champagne!

Blue Turtle said...

What an inspiration to start the New Year. I love it. Happy New Year!

jaevon @ Interior Design Pro

Purple Flowers said...

Nest candles - right now it's "grapefruit" - a wonderful uplifting scent.

I just stocked up on the Jazz forever stamp,very cool.

Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

Ahhh...yes the pure luxury of volume and space...I totally agree...already, I find myself clearing things away, and we have only been here 5 months! I usually have more things than I need in a room...then edit back from that...not too many smalls is best :) Thanks for the card...very special!! M

Acquired Objects said...

My extras are mundane the little things that keep life moving. I love Vincente Wolf and his designs.

Enjoy your weekend!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I'm stock for among soups or easy dinners...water and wine...all the essentials! Have a wonderful weekend! said...

I think I spend too much time clearing spaces and moving things around :)

have a great weekend!

Hello Lover... said...

Extras are a lovely thing! Our Christmas decor is coming down today - and it certainly is refreshing to bring out some other items I love to see everyday!

LPC said...

What beautiful spaces.

Gwen Driscoll said...

So happy to have a clean house again! I'm sending you a bag out pronto! So kind to inquire. Happy Weekend!

Unknown said...

This is exciting. I enjoyed visiting your blog. This is the kind of blog I want to visit to start my day. Thank you!

Sarah G.
writer @ Stefalex Coupons

Karena said...

Excellent thoughts Patricia. I am starting a list right now. It will include those little supplies that you want at hand....and champagne!

Art by Karena

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I spent the weekend doing just that. Sort of a new years cleanse and replacing old lightbulbs, stocking up on batteries and cleaning supplies, etc. Start the new year with a clean slate!

Unknown said...

Love this! I have plenty of extra coffee--it makes me feel secure to know that my mornings will be set, haha.
Hope you had a lovely weekend Patricia!

xo mary jo

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