Monday, June 20, 2011

old gal

In an era obsessed with youth and all sorts of potions and injections there is something wonderful about an old gal who remains ageless and fun. On the outside, one might think this old gal is all about tradition. Step one foot inside and know that tradition can be tweaked and twisted to add a little ageless spunk.

This wonderful old gal was recently transformed by Valorie of Visual Vamp. Valorie recently asked if I might mind spreading the word that she is available to give your home a fresh vibe. Valorie has a great eye for keeping some old heirlooms and adding some new ones. To honor Valorie, this illustration is being sent to her. Perhaps she might have grown attached to this old gal or want her client to have a print. I am always thinking of ways to honor such talented blog souls.


the gardener's cottage said...

what a gorgeous home. and i agree with you about constant quest for new, new, new. and the last sketch you did, omg. how beautiful. you spread so much joy with you art. you are truly a beautiful spirit patricia.


debra @ 5th and state said...

patricia what a truly loving gesture. i love how we as women so support each other.

val is quite the talent as are you, the painting is lovely.
oh yes, by the way i adore the 'old gals'

Unknown said...

Love Valorie and her style!!! And, loving that old home. They have great bones and stories to tell.

Here's to aging gracefully!!! xoxo e

Stephanie Sabbe said...

Love it! reminds me of charleston

Cheryl said...

Beautiful home, and you did a superb rendering. There is something about older homes. The charm, and as said, the stories they tell.... priceless.

kayce hughes said...

Love it!

Claudia Lane said...

I couldn't agree more with you Patricia.
Love this post.
Have a fantastic week
Claudia xo

la la Lovely said...

This old gal is a beauty. There is something so special about the old. The stories, the character, the knowing. I love it! And as always beautiful painting!