Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday Mojo series 6 - women of June

The month of June makes me think of brides and bridesmaids and women preparing for marriage, college, or for a summer without a routine schedule. June is a time of endings and new beginnings.
Women and Mothers contemplating family calendars and making time for one another amidst the flurry of year end graduations, proms, as they honor those with celebrations.
There is nothing more motivating to me than the strength and inspiration of other women.
Each day, I connect with many of you (excuse me fellas you will have a post soon) near and far.
I am in awe of what we women juggle each day. We provide nourishment and safety for our families and lead by example. I share these fabulous paintings of women. Is there a woman in your life that deserves a little month of June tribute?


Unknown said...

My sister is a wife, a mother of three teenagers, runs a house, a business, is always available to help out a friend and is my assistant when I need her. She is a master juggler and always with a smile on her face. Yes, women rock! Nice post Patricia ;)

Claudia Lane said...

This is the loveliest, sweetest post Patricia...the paintings you've picked are stunning
Have a great week
Claudia xo

24 Corners said...

Every single one! We are quite amazing aren't we?! ;)

Lovely paintings, sentiments and post...
xo J~

13threads said...

Lovely post and paintings!

The Buzz Blog said...

What wonderful sentiments and pretty pictures - all women should give themselves more credit for all the juggling they do!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Every women I know for sure....! Having one child I feel like I have it easier than most but no matter we all get the job done some just wear capes and have super powers and amaze me!

I Dream Of said...

Such a lovely post Patricia. There are so many inspiring women who I've come to know in the "virtual" world of blogs and the every day world of work, play, and family. The list is long, but of course my mother is the first and always the most amazing to me.

Here's to the ladies! And to you, my inspiring blog friend!


Unknown said...

I love June -- it's my birthday month!!! I guess I'm obviously partial to this month!!

xoxo E

Joyce said...

A wonderful post to women today! Right now the first that comes to mind is my dear friend Catherine as she battles the biggest battle, her life. I knew she was a bright sunshine to many (including me), I just had no idea until I jumped into help. She is an amazing with all the hats she wears. xo

PS on today's post if you look closely you will see some of your wonderful notes on my desk.

Anonymous said...

so sweet! I was a june bride:)

The enchanted home said...

Love this post. So lovely.....women are pretty amazing when you think about it, I mean seriously NO ONE can multi task, ask for directions, cook, talk on the phone and help with homework like we can!! Gotta admit I am darn happy to be one....and its nice for you to honor each and every one of us!

Moments and Impressions said...

These are wonderful.

My mother... now that I am a mom I am in awe of her.

She worked 2 jobs, my dad traveled Monday - Friday for work. And yet I always remember her being there... always present in our lives.

Popping in to our school at lunch. Picking us up from the sitter with a picnic dinner.

Luciane at said...

I'm in love with this post. Beautiful.

Wishing your a blessed week!


Luciane at

Unknown said...

Beautiful paintings Patricia! And such a good reminder to celebrate all the wonderful women that we know. There are so many! Hope you're off to a happy new week!

xo Mary Jo

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post..and it's so true! We Women are amazing! these paintings are wonderful..and I'm going to go back and look at them closely! I've been itching to paint lately....set up the easel on the verandah or's just been way too long!

ciao bella


Susan McClaskey said...

I never doubt who the stronger sex is.

Rebecca said...

Women are the backbones of family life. Without us giving quiet strength so much good would be lost.
Great art work.

Cheryl said...

I love this post. I don't think most of us know our own strength until we need to. And even then, often not until the journey is over. But we have it and are quite able to do amazing things.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate it. This is my "art".