Thursday, June 23, 2011

happy reminders

Just a reminder to spend your life with who makes you happy,
not who you have to impress.

Our twins graduated from high school and I think each day I will impart a quote for them to take to college. We can all use little happy reminders, right?


Bruce Barone said...

Beautiful quote!

And beautiful idea.

Have you see the book "Life's Little Instruction Book?"

Purple Flowers said...

Great quote, and wonderful idea to send them little (but big) ideas to think about. We never know what may make someone's day.

Anna Spiro said...

What a great quote!


debra @ 5th and state said... true and an important reminder to those starting out

Joyce said...

A wonderful quote. You know how much I love quotes! I like your idea of sending them with the perfect quotes as they begin a new chapter in their lives.

I think it would be great to put these quotes on a cookie jar, so they have a place to hold their cookies from home and also have a place to see a quote just when they need it. I'm not sure if you remember I did something similiar for my niece, I had her family and friends write good wishes and thoughts and then fired the cookie jar and filled it with homemade cookies. My mom has been the best to keep her jar full.xo

Kwana said...

Such a good quote Patricia and congrats again!

Whitney said...

Love the quote, and the image, too!

Congrats to your twins. What an exciting time for them and for YOU!

Unknown said...

I love a good quote - like this one. We can all use reminders of what matters...and what does not.

Hats off to your grads!!!

I Dream Of said...

Great quote and such a good idea to collect little reminders for your boys. We can all use a little encouragement and food for thought to help us be our best! Hope your graduation celebration was full of wonderful memories!

Unknown said...

Dearest Patricia,

Firstly: I miss you and you all!
Secondly: Congratulations to you and your husband and the boys!
Please give our regards to them, tell them what a great achievement it is and we wish them only the best for their futures and may their wishes and hopes come true!

Victoria and family

Unknown said...


You have reached the stage with your childen turning into your new friends. Great experience, timeline, and evolution of new thought exchanges. Enjoy the joy of life...this summer!

I have four nephews who turned eighteen this year and will be venturing out into the world to experience new things. Change is constant.


Karena said...

I am still trying to take in the fact that your babies are off to college!!

Wonderful words of wisdom!


Art by Karena

The Buzz Blog said...

Just spent the morning with our youngest at "moving up"! What a great bunch of kids - moving on...

Jenny Castle Design said...

Love this quote, oh so true!

quintessence said...

What a great idea!! And congratulations to the boys if I haven't already passed that along!!

Unknown said...

Such beautiful advice and what a big step in life, graduation from high school! No doubt they will surround themselves with wonderful friends, having such a wise and good mother!

xo Mary Jo

Erica said...

Beautiful idea. Great quote too!

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Claudia Lane said...

I love your quote and yes we definitely all need happy reminders :))
Thanks for sharing
Claudia xo